Baltic Aviation Academy on Issues Revealed During Crew Resource Management Training

 On the last day of the European Cabin Safety Conference held at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel (Amsterdam, Netherlands) on the 23rd-25th October, 2012, the aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) will present a keynote entitled ‘CRM Training: Issues You Didn’t Know about Your Air Company’.

The presentation, developed through the numerous training sessions delivered to more than 10 airlines, will un-cover the hidden part of the CRM instructor’s work and reveal the issues cabin crews face whilst working behind the curtains. During training sessions a training centre often acts as an intermediary between air personnel and air companies. It is in a perfect position to address those issues and seek for the possible solutions. 

‘New uniforms which do not suit well, unsatisfied basic needs, duty times and limitations – these are just a few of the issues which I am used to hearing during the CRM training sessions. Air companies concerned with flight safety must be aware of these factors and do their best to create as favourable environment for the cabin crew as possible. The presentation aims to remind that the responsibility for an airline’s reputation falls to every department and employee of the company – from the entire management office to a single newly employed cabin crew member,’ commented Dainuole Bartasiuniene, an Instructor of Crew Resource Management and an In-flight Service and Product Development Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy. 

The Bureau of Air Safety Investigation (BASI) has recently announced the details of 75 fatal airplane accidents. The main reasons for over 70% of the accidents were attributed to human factors. The most common of these were related to poor judgment and decision making. The BASI representatives have pointed out that although pilot human errors are of a great importance, accidents also frequently occur due to systemic or organizational failings.

Baltic Aviation Academy seeks to improve the quality of Crew Resource Management (CRM) courses globally. During the last years the company has invested not only in the general Cabin Crew training but also in various other related products for cabin and flight crew, such as improved Aviation English courses, Computer-based training programmes, Digital libraries and others. 

Source and photo: Baltic Aviation Academy

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