American Airlines vLite Revised

 Welcome to the revised American Airlines vLite. Founded in 2011 but shut down for a total face lift early in the year to incorporate a new format. The original AVAL program was a private program of mine I used for personal use to give purpose to my away from the daily grind of running two military programs. I decided to go public. Problem at the time is it was an extremely basic program. I brought in my partner Roy Elliman who help build both our military programs to help me revamp the AVAL program and make it competitive with other lite programs in the VA World.

Many features, additional aircraft and the inclusion of scheduled flights are some of the changes we have incorporated into the new AVAL. AVAL is powered by Phpvms a new standard in Virtual Airline Managements systems. This allows not only great features but it also allows staff members to play an active role in management of the program.

We refer to this program as being lite. What does this mean? We do not have that “As real as it gets” flavor. No training, no aircraft restrictions, no one lording their role over anyone, no VATSIM requirement, fly when you have the time and track your financial progress and earn awards in the process.

For those who are present members of our other three programs, US Air Force vGroup, vJoint Strike Force and Pan American vLite enjoy the freedom to create their own routes from their home base/hub.

What sets American Airlines vLite from Pan Am vlite is the inclusion of scheduled routes with additional schedules being added daily.

These are no pressure programs, meaning, there is no pressure to to fly X amount of flights a week or month just to remain on the roster. There are enough structured programs on the web to give you that “Real as it gets” experience. We are just interested in flying our sim and having fun, if we which to take a break, that’s fine…….no one is going to bump you. If you do not wish to fly with our programs you need only to notify a staff member.

Over the years most of our members have experienced the structured format and now we are just looking to chill and still enjoy our sim under the banner of a brand airlines. Many of our members are middle aged retired military, commercial pilots, private pilots, professionals of all walks of life and we have are share of young adults, meaning those who fall under our 18 years of age limit. We have no way to police this until they need help with kacars or technical issues which requires them to come on our TS server.

So if your looking to kick back and chill, pay us a visit.

David Zaleski

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