First Conference for Operators of Airbus Military Mission Aircraft

 Participants from 14 countries all over the world, representing 18 different operators

The Airbus Military Training Centre in Seville is hosting the first conference for operators of Airbus Military aircraft for Maritime Patrol and Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (MP and ISR) missions.

For four days the more than 100 participants from all over the globe will jointly present and discuss their experiences as operators of Airbus Military’s CN235 and C295 mission aircraft, which are tailored to their maritime patrol and surveillance requirements. Where applicable, they will also discuss the operation of Airbus Military’s on-board Fully Integrated Tactical System.

The operators will share their impressions and experiences of operating the surveillance versions of Airbus Military’s light and medium aircraft family including the different environments in which the aircraft are operated, new product developments, current market trends, and the training courses and facilities provided by Airbus Military.

The operators´ inputs will enable conclusions to be drawn in order to make additional improvements to the aircraft and to the tactical mission system itself. These will complement the innovation routinely applied to these aircraft by the Engineering and Development staff at Airbus Military with the aim of satisfying each new customer requirement.

Source and photo: Airbus Military

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