UTair Group Transports more than 6.5 m Passengers from Q1-Q3 2012

 UTair Group has continued to show significant growth in key indicators over the past 9 months.

In the period between January and September 2012, UTair Group transported a combined total of 6,554,283 passengers, an increase of 33.5% in comparison with the same period in 2011. Passenger turnover for reporting period constituted 12,253,247PKM, an increase of 36.1%over same period in 2011. According to Russian aviation industry statistics gathered by the Transport Clearing House, the Russian industry average for growth in this indicator stands at 16.4%

In total, UTair Group fixed wing aircraft logged a record 224,757 flight hours for the reporting period, 19.8% more than for the same period last year. UTair Group aircraft delivered 20,117.9 tons of cargo, 55.1% more than for the same period in 2011.

UTair Group helicopters logged a total of 126,125 flight hours, 21.7% more than for the same reporting period last year.

Source and photo: UTair

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