The G.B. Pastine Rome Ciampino Airport reopens

 The G. B. Pastine Rome Ciampino Airport reopens to air traffic today at 23:30 hours, perfectly on schedule. The airport was closed at 23:00 hours of 23 September to allow work to resurface the runway.

Thanks to the huge amount of resources provided by the Aeroporti di Roma company it has been possible to finish the work of resurfacing approximately 40,000 square metres of runway and renewing approximately 10,000 square metres of runway markings in just nine days.

ADR and the contractor have worked 24 hours a day, with the work involving approximately 180 people in three shifts and more than 200 vehicles on two separate sites set up on two sections of runway, moving over 10,000 cubic metres of material. In addition, during the nine days in which the airport was closed, ground magnetometric surveys were carried out and almost 1,200 probe holes were drilled into the bottom of the sites. These were then inspected one by one to rule out the presence of any WWII (World War II) bombs.
 Source: ADR

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