FSX – Baghdad International Airport


FSX – Baghdad International Airport (ORBI), Baghdad, Iraq. Slowly but surely the Baghdad international airport comes back to life. Although the airport is quite large, it is not yet used to its maximum. Some aprons still have no real use and thus are empty. Apron V, the presidential apron, is still present but might have been restructured by now. Using ADEx 1.51 and the Iraq AIP this AFCAD updates the default airport to what it is now on paper. Google Earth’s images are too old to offer any help regarding buildings, vegetation and surrounding areas like offices, parkings, roads and apron V. For those interested, the complete Iraq AIP is attached. It not only gives complete information about several Iraqi airports, it also holds approach plates of most of them. You will also find plates for ORSU, for which an AFCAD has been uploaded separately. By Menno C. Robert.
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