Iberia Maintenance prepares to enter energy sector

 Iberia Maintenance has earned a license to perform the inspection and repair services on GG8 turbines used in power generation. The certification obtained from Pratt & Whitney makes Iberia’s maintenance and engineering division the sole firm in Europe authorised to maintain such industrial turbines. It represents the division’s first departure from the aviation business and a major advance in its diversification process. 

The GG8 is based on the JT8D aircraft engine that is made by Pratt & Whitney and used to power MD80-type aircraft, which Iberia has repaired since the late 1980s. The GG8 turbine generates gases that drive another turbine to generate electricity in Pratt & Whitney’s FT8 power plants. More than 500 FT8 units have been sold around the world, of which 150 are installed in Europe. 

“We need a partner that lends support to our European clients,” said Stephen Kopf, customer service manager of Pratt & Whitney Power Systems (PWPS). “Both Iberia and PWPS are investing in this solution with the aim of providing better service to our customers,” he added. 

The head of Iberia’s maintenance and engineering division, José Luiz Ruiz de Castañeda, said “We are very happy to have signed this agreement with PWPS. We want to give users of FT8 units the benefit of the knowledge and technical capabilities arising from our experience with JT8D engines. We hope that our future FT8 customers are as satisfied with our maintenance services as are our aviation industry customers,” he said. 

The inspection, repair and parts replacements task on GG8 turbines will take place at the Iberia Maintenance engine workshops in Madrid starting at the end of 2012. The GG8 license will enable Iberia to export its expertise and experience in the aviation sector to electric power companies.

Source: Iberia

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