Swissport wins Air Berlin contract at Zurich

 Swissport International, the world’s leading provider of ground services to the aviation sector, has won the contract to handle all of Air Berlin’s flights at Zurich Airport, along with those of partner airline NIKI. 

In a long-term contract, Swissport will begin ground-handling operations for NIKI from September 2012 and will handle Air Berlin flights from 1st January 2013. Together the services for the two airlines will amount to more than 8,000 flights per year to and from Zurich. Services for Air Berlin and NIKI will include check-in, loading and unloading of aircrafts. 

Adrian Melliger, CEO for Swissport Zurich, commented: “We are delighted to be chosen by Air Berlin for this important contract at Zurich Airport. Air Berlin has risen to become one of the largest operators at Zurich, as well as one of Europe’s largest airlines, and we look forward to bringing our expertise and experience to ensure best-in-class handling of the Air Berlin and NIKI flights.” 

Philipp Joeinig, Swissport International’s Executive Vice President for Central Europe, commented: “Air Berlin has established itself with a business model that combines high-quality products and services with reasonable prices. This combination places considerable demands on suppliers, but also reflects the values of Swissport, and the decision to choose Swissport to handle Air Berlin and NIKI flights in Zurich is a tribute to the quality and efficiency of Swissport Zurich and Swissport stations around the world. We are proud to have been selected and look forward to developing our relationship together.” 

Source: Swissport

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