FS2004 – The Grumman Seven Projects S2A-CDF


FS2004 – The Grumman Seven Projects S2A-CDF version 1.0 (S2A-CDF, two variants). This aircraft release contains two of seven aircraft in a series that will be released. Two aircraft included. Functional VC models included. Package includes two aircraft with one or more textures, great flight models, authentic radial custom sounds, and features custom panels with aircraft specific gauges, easy-to-read clickable virtual cockpits, and beautifully crafted exterior textures. These two aircraft represent real world examples of units flown by the California Department of Forestry. By Milton Shupe, Tom Fliger, Nigel Richards, Steve Bryant, Todd Disrud, Marcel Ritzema, John Humphries, CDF textures by Jeremy U., and Jan Visser with help from SOH members.
62,5 MB

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