Estonian Air to improve flight connections for Southern Estonians

 In addition, Estonian Air has adjusted departure times from Tallinn so that travellers can get to 13 connecting flights in Europe, Scandinavia and CIS countries with maximum of one hour and 30 minutes waiting time in Tallinn airport. 

For passengers starting their flight from Tartu and continuing flights with Estonian Air one-way fares from Tartu to Tallinn are 23.03 euros. The one-way fare for travelling only on the Tallinn-Tartu route starts from 27.6 euros, if purchased from, including all fees and taxes, subject to availability. For passengers arriving to Tallinn with any Estonian Air direct flight and continuing their flight from Tallinn to Tartu one-way fares are 23.03 euros. 

According to Rauno Parras, the Commercial Manager of Estonian Air, there is a big potential to increase the number of passengers in Tartu and Southern-Estonia.”We hope that the latest changes – switching the departure time and improved connections from Tallinn – is an important step to attract more people to fly from Tartu,” said Parras. “Tartu airport needs to be acknowledged by all Southern Estonians as their own airport in order to reach the sustainablity,“ added Parras. 

From the end of March travellers stating their flight from Tartu can take fast and convenient connecting flights into 13 Estonian Air destinations (Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Vilnius, Paris, Venice, Oslo, Vienna, Riga, St Petersburg, Moscow, Trondheim and Stockholm) with one hour and thirty minutes waiting in Tallinn airport. 

AS Estonian Air, Estonia’s national carrier, is the largest operator at Tallinn Airport. Estonian Air focuses on improving the connection between Estonia and the rest of the world with the aim of increasing competitiveness as a network carrier hub. Estonian Air flies to 24 destinations in CIS, Scandinavia and Europe. The airline has recently announced new destinations for 2012, such as Helsinki, Riga, Jyväskylä, Hanover, Vienna, Venice, Joensuu, Kajaani and Tbilisi. 

Ticket prices start at 39.9 euros, if purchased from, including all fees and taxes, baggage, snacks and soft drinks on longer flights and soft drinks on flights that last less than 1 hour. 

Source: Estonian Air

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