Malta International Airport: 20 years on… and still growing

 “I am very pleased to have visited Malta International Airport today. The work done by those who planned the airport in 1992 have made it possible for it to be able to cater for the advances Malta made. The high quality service we are witnessing today is not only an achievement for the airport, but for all Malta.” Former President Dr Edward Fenech Adami said this earlier today during a visit to the Terminal at Malta International Airport on the occasion of the 20th Anniversary since its inauguration on Saturday the 8th of February 1992. 

Dr Fenech Adami – who had as then Prime Minister inaugurated the Terminal – was welcomed by Malta Airport CEO, Markus Klaushofer for this visit, held on the eve of the actual anniversary day. Other distinguished guests were also in attendance, including Ministers, Opposition Spokespersons, a number of former Ministers who were responsible for the airport, as well as Chairmen, Directors and CEOs who have served on the Board since that time. 

During the tour of the Terminal, the guests could see the major developments which occurred during these years as well as having the opportunity to meet employees of various entities present at the airport. 

In a short speech at the end of the tour, Mr Klaushofer said that although he has only been in Malta since the beginning of the year, he was aware of the pride all Maltese people felt about their airport. He added that this pride was well-placed considering the reputation the airport has succeeded in building as well as the increasing number of achievements it has garnered over the years. 

The CEO acknowledged the importance back then in 1992, of the crucial decision to invest in a new Terminal, which was of paramount importance for a tourism destination like Malta. 

“As a company which manages this airport, we have made various advancements through these years, keeping abreast with the developments of an ever changing travel industry. These past 20 years have seen monumental changes, but we always stayed focused on the original basic aim: that of giving Malta a gateway worthy of its people and those who visit us,” added Mr Klaushofer. 

He insisted that over the years there has been major investment, important milestones and crucial decisions: from the decision to expand and change the infrastructure, to historical events like visits by dignitaries as well as the Libya crisis last year. There were also operational and commercial decisions, major amongst which was the privatisation in 2002. 

“But this is not only about the past, it is also about the present, and more importantly about the future. As a company, we have set out a diversification strategy in order to meet the demands of the discerning passenger. Airports are no longer merely a transit area, but they are an experience in itself. But this is not enough, we need to continue looking at the future; and in our immediate future there is SkyParks Business Centre. So, although we are here today to celebrate the past 20 years, we also want to look ahead and embrace the challenges yet to come,” said the CEO. 

Mr Klaushofer concluded by thanking all those present for their involvement in making Malta Airport the success it is today, and promised that he would continue to build on the foundations laid by his predecessors in making Malta Airport our gateway to the world.

Source: Malta International Airport

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