Historic Airline Group Continues Expansion

The Historic Airline Group has continued its expansion of flights available to its members. In Europe, HAG has added Lufthansa Airlines. Presently we have Lufthansa Cargo 707/747 flights and are about to add 1930’s JU52 and FW200 flights. Convair and Constellation flights will be added soon.

Additionally, HAG has added over 400 Eastern Airlines flights for the 727-100/200 and DC9-32/52 aircraft. Flights from Washington DC and Atlanta serve destinations throughout the eastern and midwestern United States. Today the Historic Airline Group has over 9000 flights on it’s worldwide schedule.

Coming September 10, HAG pilots will participate in a timed event, flying the KLM DC-3 from Amsterdam to Singapore via 17 historic flights. The top two winners who comes closest to the established total flight time will win $25 gift certificates to FSPilotShop’s web site.

If you’ve been looking for more variety in your flight sim experience, check us out at www.historicairlinegroup.com and see if we are the virtual airline for you.

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