FS2004/FSX Firefly Mk7

FS2004/FSX Firefly Mk7. The AS.7 variant was a no guns anti-submarine aircraft. Rockets, bombs and depth charges could be carried. The first production Griffon 59-powered Firefly AS.Mk 7 was flown in October 1951. The Firefly Mk 7 had a completely revised installation for the Rolls-Royce Griffon 59 engine. The most notable feature was the deep “beard” radiator. The long-span Mk 1 wings were reinstated and the tail unit was completely redesigned. The Firefly AS Mk7 was intended as an interim anti-submarine aircraft pending availability of the Gannet.The T.Mk7 was a trainer version. You get both models. Gmax model by A.F. Scrub. 5 Mb

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