FSX Mission–The Lost City of Brahmasutra

FSX Mission–The Lost City of Brahmasutra Expedition. Dr. Giulio Bernotti and his daughter Dr. Silvia Lina Bernotti will be going to Bangladesh where they hope to find the lost city of the god Drunkamasutra near the great river Brahmasutra. The city is described in the book of Tutashunkamasutra as “the city that shines like the sun of night” and is believed that it was the center of all trade and science of the Kilunmasutra Epoch. You will be piloting their personal aircraft as well as the helicopter that will have to be used on the last stage of the expedition. PS: You got the tip for this job from your buddy I. Jones who now sits in a home in Florida. Besides you can use the Euros in these trying times. By Gera Godoy Canova. 2 Mb

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