– FS2004/FSX Douglas VC-118-DO

FS2004/FSX Douglas VC-118-DO The Independence. Built at Santa Monica (c/n 42881/29) as the personal aircraft of President Harry S. Truman. It was named ‘The Independence’ after President Truman’s home town in Missouri. The aircraft was delivered on 1 July 1947 and served from 4 July 1947 on as a presidential aircraft till 1953 when Gen. Dwight Eisenhower became President of the USA. It seems that the rather special paint job was based on an idea by President Truman himself. 46-0505 served on as a general VIP transport till 1966 when it was donated to the Smithonian Institute for preservation. It is on loan to the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB. ‘The Independence’ could accommodate for 24 day or 12 sleeper passengers (in the main cabin). It had a luxurious State Room aft of the passenger door. Usually there was a crew of eight. It is featured here in its original tan, blue and metal livery. You will require Jens B. Kristensen’s Douglas DC-6 (early version) (DC6_V10.ZIP). Repaint by Maarten Brouwer.
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