– FS2004 Scenery–Bora Bora

FS2004 Scenery–Bora Bora, French Polynesia. The Bora Bora airport (NTTB) is located on one of the Motus, which surround the Island of Bora Bora. The Motus are raised coral reefs which act as break waters, and create the beautiful turquoise lagoons which surround the French Polynesian Islands. This scenery is a complete remake of the original, and is now much more accurate as to what the airport looks like. It contains the main terminal, a fire station attached to the tower with fuel tanks, open air hangar structures, two helipads, and wood stairs taking you down to the boat docks where you are transported to the main island. This is one of the most unique French Polynesian Islands with its beautiful and interesting mountain structure. Using the terrain mesh by Rolf Keibel and John Applegate will tremendously enhance this part of the world in FS. It is under the name FPSIMESH.ZIP. AFCAD2 by Ray Smith is also included. By Bill Melichar. 3,2 Mb

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