– FS2004 Scenery–Laguna del Sauce

FS2004 Scenery–Laguna del Sauce, Punta del Este (SULS), Uruguay. Photorealistic scenery of Laguna del Sauce / Curbelo (SULS) International Airport in Maldonado, Uruguay, version 1. This is the airport that serves Punta del Este international holiday resort. This scenery package includes the airport facilities with the passenger terminal, general aviation area and finally the naval airbase on the edge of Laguna del Sauce. Several buildings and vehicles belonging to the airport have been recreated based on reality. Also included is the area around the airport recreated as photorealistic terrain with seasonal variations at a 4. 75 m/pixel resolution. Certain parts of the airport have been recreated with a 2 m/pixel photorealistic terrain. The aim of this scenery is to simulate flying to and around the airport under instrument flight rules (IFR) and also visual flight rules (VFR). Created by “A Vuelo de Pajaro” / “As the Bird Flies” – Scenery Design.

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