– FS2004 Radio Range

FS2004 Radio Range v4.0 is now available after one year of development. This replaces v3. 0. The Radio Range uses Morse Code A and N audio signals to stay on a radio beam. Using the provided full-color Civil Airways Charts and Airway Data Tables FS2004 pilots can now “Fly the Beam” along Civil Airways Routes in the ENTIRE continental US (the “lower 48”), in all of Canada, and in Alaska. Version 4.0 also places stations in Hawaii; in the China-Burma-India region (CBI) where C-47s flew “The Hump” during WWII; and across the North Atlantic. The professional-quality documentation further includes 226 custom Instrument Approach Plates, complete station data, and fully illustrated Instruction Manuals. All routes have been flight-checked. The included DC-3 aircraft has three new panels, new flight dynamics and a custom “DC-3 Airways” paint job. Information is also provided to install the Range Receiver in your choice of aircraft Thanks to project leader Allan Greene, principal designers Dave Bitzer, Alex Nicolson and Norman Hancock, and to all of the flight testers, now FS2004 pilots can navigate realistically with the tools used during the pre-VOR era of aviation 36 Mb

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