– FS2004 USAF/AACS Convair AT-29C

FS2004 USAF/AACS Convair AT-29C, tail number 52-1139, cn 378, in the colors of “Airways and Air Communications Service” (AACS) about 1955. Delivered by Convair in San Diego, California, to the USAF in 1953 as a T-29C. This was one of ten Convairs converted to AT-29C standards and assigned to MATS AACS for military flight inspection duties like checking and calibrating navigation aids, instrument procedures and military airfields. In 1962 redesignated to ET-29C and transferred to the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA). With the FAA registration N247 the Convair was operated as a calibrator until being phased out in 1973. Original aircraft by Greg Pepper and Tom Gibson, with reflections, night lighting, moving flaps, gear, door, etc. Flight dynamics by FSAviator, Repainted by Hans Hermann, Virtual Birds Factory. 3 Mb

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