– FS2004 Myasishchev 3M-T Atlant

FS2004 Myasishchev 3M-T Atlant (atlas). In the mid 1970’s the USA began the development of a re-usable space transport system that soon became universally known as the Space Shuttle. The Soviet Union responded by launching the development of a similar system, known to generally as the ‘Buran’ (SnowStorm). To transport the components of the space orbiter and Energia ultra-heavy multipurpose space rocket modules to the Baikonur launch site, the Myasishchev OKB proposed using the 3M bomber as a transport/carrier. Engineering changes to the three Bison-B tankers selected for conversion to transports included a 7 meter up-swept fuselage extension, twin end plate square vertical stabilizers and strengthened out-rigger struts. The heaviest payload carried by the VM-T transports was the ‘Buran’ orbiter shuttle itself, weighting in excess of 100,000 lbs. Including a 50 ton fuel load, this constituted a max take-off weigh for the VM-T of over 410,000 lb. By Brett Hoskins.

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