– FS2004 Bombardier/Canadair CL415

FS2004 Bombardier/Canadair CL415. This is an old model of the famous Canadian built fire fighting amphibious plane for FS2000/2002 updated to FS2004. This new version shows four different paint schemes sported by aircraft used by various organizations for fire fighting role. The model, made with FSDS2.24 from Abacus, features a complete redesign of animations now perfectly compatible with FS2004. This is a true amphibious plane with realistic effects in water. The model do not contains a 3D virtual cockpit. Visual model and paint by Massimo Taccoli. Original panel work from Rolf “Uwe” Hockmuth modified with added gauges from Andrea Cini. Other paintworks by Eric Turpin. Flight dynamics by Dennis Seeley.
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