– FS2004 VFW614 Regional Jet Aircraft

FS2004 VFW614 Regional Jet Aircraft full package. The first jet aircraft produced by Germany after WW2, the engines were mounted on the upper side of the wings, giving it a unique appearance. This aircraft had superb short field performance making it ideal for smaller airports that could not accept jets. Features full animated flight surfaces, opening doors, dynamic shine, etc. The package consists of aircraft, panel and sound plus eight liveries. The liveries are as follows: Air Alsace, Cimber Air (2), TAT (2), Luftwaffe, Luftwaffe Marine and Frontier. Aircraft model design by Torsten Abraham and Andreas Poppe. Panel by Fred Holst. Flight dynamics by Brian Horsey. Sound file by Mark Cranston and Benoit Plamondon. Aircraft liveries and compilation Tony Madge. 28 Mb

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