– FS2002/FS2004 Falcon 2.0 Helicopter

FS2002/FS2004 Falcon 2.0 Concept Executive Helo. The Falcon Mark II is a twin turbine ultra high end biz concept helo. Have you ever wondered what a business helo would look like years from now, and what features it would incorporate? This is a concept under development for some time now. In theory, it is designed with a double mounting system for the main rotor to negate rotor ‘hop’ cabin bounce. Also featured is the incorporation of furniture within the cabin including two walls for seperate meeting room compartments as well as the cockpit in front. This is designed to be the Lear Jet of helos, the best you could buy, a jet you can land on a building and have the creature comforts of a top of the line biz-jet. This is an elaborate Gmax model with such features as opening doors both inside and outside, dynamic shine and reflection textures in four colors which now include black, retracting landing gear, a virtual interior. Requires the Dolphin HH365 helo panel by Antti Pankkonnen. Modeled in Gmax by William Ortis, 7.8 Mb

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