– FS2004 Seruphum Delta Wing Concept Aircraft

FS2004 Seruphum Delta Wing Concept Aircraft. This is the Seruphum Turboprop multi platform delta wing concept aircraft. This model features retracting landing gear, steering nose gear, dynamic/reflective shine, working elevons, spoilerons and airbrakes, retracting skystair, retracting rear loading ramp, working suspension, custom panel and a virtual cockpit. The panel features a window in the lower front nose area for high angle STOL approaches. This is another concept planes and utilizes composite technologies for beautiful seemless blended lifting body dynamics with delta wings for low speed approaches. This is the turboprop version. Modeled in Gmax and features six textures. By William Ortis, Lionheart Creations Ltd. 8,4 Mb

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