– FS2004 Southwestern Idaho Soaring Scenery

FS2004 Southwestern Idaho Soaring Scenery. Southwestern Idaho (ID) soaring scenery adds random thermals to an area of southwestern Idaho that extends from Midvale in the north, to Kimberly in the south. It also extends from the Oregon border in the west, to Rupert in the east. Areas that this scenery covers include: Sun Valley/Woodriver Valley, Twin Falls, Boise & Treasure Valley, Sawtooth National Forest and the Stanley basin. A map showing the thermal area is included in this archive. There are 5300 thermals placed randomly in the scenery area. These thermals have random sizes, random strength and random altitudes in which the thermals top out at. Many of the thermals will have small cumulus clouds at their top, but not all thermals will have these clouds. The thermals are placed close enough together to make cross-country soaring very easy. By Randy Link. 750 Kb

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