– FS2004 Replacement Dynamic Water Texture Set

FS2004 Replacement Dynamic Water Texture Set version 12. The default reflections and water colors leave a lot to be desired in FS2004. As an example, the default “bright green” overcast texture is highly unrealistic in overcast conditions. Most of the default colors are generally too electric and cartoon like. These replacement textures will change these water environment textures dramatically to a much more convincing and realistic color and, with improved lighting and reflections in respect to the sun. Version 12 moon light textures are new and there is an improved mid-sun with more convincing reflections. Now when you fly by moonlight you can actually see the moon kissed water and even see some wave action. There are three moon light textures in this download. These replacement textures will generally give a much more realistic tone and color to the water effects in FS2004. The change is quite dramatic and transforms the flightsim experience to a much greater level of realism. It is important to stress the default textures are fully compatible with these new textures and they can be used in any combinations. As a further added bonus a voice control file has been included for “Shoot” which will control FS2004 by voice. By Peter Wilding. 6 Mb

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