– FS2002 Fairey Firefly FR.4

FS2002 Fairey Firefly FR.4, a Royal Navy two-seat reconnaissance fighter representing a significant advance on earlier Fairey Fulmar. This model is depicted as Firefly FR.4 with code 202, serial number BW351 in extra dark sea gray upper surface and duck egg green undersurface. Featuring ailerons, flaps, elevators, landing gears, landing gear bay doors, rudder, and propeller in smooth animation. Arresting hook in smooth animation by / key with spoiler auto deploy for quick stop at touchdown on aircraft carrier. Pilot head turns in sync with left/right turns. Advanced bmp textures render Royal Navy extra dark sea gray upper surface with atmospheric slightly bluish hue and duck egg green undersurface with realistic weathering and service stains for better realism. By Shigeru Tanaka. 700 Kb

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