– FS2002 Hellenic Air Force Cessna T-41D

FS2002 Hellenic Air Force Cessna T-41D. A repaint of the default C172 to represent the T-41D Mescalero serving with Hellenic Air Force Academy. The Cessna’s T-41D Mescalero is the military version of the well known Cessna 172. It used to fly for HAF to help the young Air Force Acedemy cadets to receive their first flight training. Thousands of young “wannabe” aviators had their first “air” feeling in this popular little aeroplane. A great many others were eliminated from the program at this early stage because they could not demonstrate the necessary coordination and aptitude soon enough. A total of twenty T-41D’s used to fly for Hellenic Air Force Academy, signed in 360th Sqdr. of 120th Educational Wing at Tatoi Air Base. Hellenic Air Force cadets flew the T-41D for a total flight time about 40 hours in order to gain their “wings”. The s/n 69-7200 represented here was flown by the designer in his first solo flight. Includes a very completed flight manual which can be read with Adobe Acrobat. Also contains visual effects, night lighting, realistic gear rotating etc. By Nick Karatzides. 2,5 Mb

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