– FS2002 Motorcycle And Speed Boat

FS2002 Motorcycle And Speed Boat. Two vehicles included: bike and boat. See the scenery up close and use it fully. It has 3D trees, houses, and buildings, streets, roads to go through in a bike and rivers and lakes with real water you can travel driving a boat. Fly to any airport close to a river, switch to the Indian 41 bike, go to the river cross country or following a road, take the speed boat drive it up or downstream to another close airport and ride to it on the bike again. A different and very challenging way to approach FS2002. 1941 Indian 4 Motorcycle features full moving parts. Two flight plans included. Motorcycle design by Joe LoGrasso. Sound and dynamics by Bill Lyons. Boat by Jordan Moore and Zane Greenwald. Panel and dynamics modifications to boat by Alejandro Villa. 5,2 Mb

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