– FS2002 Frontier Airlines Convair 580

FS2002 Frontier Airlines Convair 580, v2. Props now display the pitch visually – you can feather the props and watch them rotate. Flaps deploy as proper Fowler flaps and the flap/nacelle joint has been corrected to 45 degrees angle. Airstair handrails now deploy realistically. Props have smooth curved edge, corrected right wing misalignment, pointed the rear fuselage, smoothed rear fuselage and added view blocks in air intakes, prop spinners, main gear wells, and under stairs. Scissors links are added to the gear, the gear retraction cycle has been altered to match video footage, the nose has been slightly reshaped, antennas have been added, glass has been added to the cockpit, and the airstairs plate reads correctly from the back as well as the front. The nose wheel now steers with the rudder. Added reflective textures, and it is lit at night, albeit subtly, and the virtual cockpit gauges are lit. Altered original textures to match photos. Corrected blue textures showing on bottom fuselage. Added a smoothed wing root too. Original model, animation, panel and textures by Greg Pepper. Modifications by Tom Gibson.
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