– FS2002 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines Boeing 737

FS2002 KTHY Cyprus Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-300, registration TC-MAG. Turkish Airlines series. Repaint of Jon Murchison’s Boeing 737-300 in KTHY Virtual Airlines colors. Features 24 sided fuselage, spinning main and nose gear wheels, suspension on main gear, animated surfaces, steerable front gear without rudder moving, 3D engine fans, engine reversers connected to spoilers, virtual cockpit with animated wheel, flap selector, gear activator and spoiler arm, FS2002 lighting effects, interactive inbuilt scenery including: front air stairs, catering services, refuelling, forward and rear baggage and cargo loading/unloading, state of the art pushback technology using remote vehicle. Repainted by Abdurrahman Gundogmus. 2,3 Mb

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