– FS2002 Red Arrows Display Team Upgrade Pack

FS2002 Red Arrows Display Team Upgrade Pack. Requires ‘Red Arrows’ Full Package REDPACK.ZIP or individual aircraft files REDPACK1.ZIP, REDPACK2.ZIP or REDPACK3.ZIP, together with gauges and documents found in REDPACK4.ZIP. This official upgrade adds extra selection options giving external (forward) views flying as ‘Red Seven’ at the tail of ‘Gypo Section’ and the ‘Diamond Nine’. The panel is also upgraded by the addition of a transponder, a panel-mounted smoke activation switch with authentic ‘Red One’ voice commands recorded by Michael Ellis and a fully operational stopwatch; both gauges specially made by Matt Kaprocki. Document updates include illustrated panel layout. ‘Reds’ panel requires FS2000 ‘concorde.gau’. Original aircraft by Mikko Maliniemi, formations by Kari Virtanen, modified and packaged by Mark Beaumont. 3,4 Mb

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