– FS2002 Harrier Update

FS2002 Harrier Update. Mach 5 updated full version. Superb hovering at slow speed (20 knots). Stable cruise speed: M 4.72 at 35000 feet. Absolutely stable at any altitude or speed with or without autopilot. Fly it and land it as a Cessna 182 or as a Blackbird. Take off and land also as a Harrier. Very easy to fly and land. Ideal for VFR and carrier landing. Rooftop and water land able. Model and paint by Jim Atkins. ACSGPS and FSNavigator required for panel to work properly. Lear 45 default panel can be used instead. Panel based on original by Johan Peeters. Flight dynamics based on original by George Philip Birney. By Alejandro Villa 1,7 Mb

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