– FS2002 ATF Alcione Samurai

FS2002 ATF Alcione Samurai. Advanced Tactical Fighter conceptual model “Alcione Samurai”. An innovative next generation fighter model with its name Alcione – Kingfisher in Italian. A state-of-the-art stealth ATF configuration originally designed after study on the near future ATF conceptual designs by Lockheed, Boeing, and General Dynamics during USAF ATF project in the 80s and 90s. This model renders a leading-edge style for innovational stealth performance, featuring moving ailerons, flaps, rudders, elevators, landing gears, landing light and landing gear covers, air brake and its actuator cylinder in smooth animation. Pilot head turns left/right in sync and proportion with control stick movement. Coming up experimentally with a variety of conventional missiles and GBU-27A/B radar guided bombs. Including an ergonomically designed original panel well functional with default gauges. Highly detailed model depicted as one in virtual operation camouflage scheme for JASDF in air superiority gray colors, FS36118, FS36270 and FS36375 in the most precise hues attainable, with realistic weathering and service stains for better realism. By Shigeru Tanaka. 1,3 Mb

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