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FSX – Grumman F9F Panther Updated

FSX – Grumman F9F Panther Updated. This is Auroplane Heaven’s ex-payware Grumman F9F Panther, compiled and updated for FSX by David Robles, who also made some FDE improvements and designed the new VC. The package also now featues a 2D panel matching the VC as well as automatic smoke and burner. I have replaced some of the gauges by replacing them with more authentic ones and added new gauges designed by Philippe Wallaert, among them a HUD for the VC and 2D panel as well as callout sound. Credits go to the designers of Aeroplane Heaven, to David Robles for his great modifications and to Philippe Wallaert for the new gauges.

Slightly modified by Michael Pook

15 MB


FSX – Republic XF-84H Thunder Screech Updated

FSX – Republic XF-84H Thunder Screech Updated. The Republic XF-84H “Thunderscreech” was an experimental turboprop aircraft derived from the F-84F Thunderstreak. Its maiden flight took place in July 1955. Powered by a turbine engine that was mated to a supersonic propeller, the XF-84H had the potential of setting the unofficial air speed record for propeller-driven aircraft, but was unable to overcome teething aerodynamic deficiencies, resulting in the cancellation of the program. The aircraft was named “Thunderscreech”, because it was quite possibly the loudest aircraft ever built. This is an FSX update for the XF-84H, designed by Kazunori Ito for FS2002. It features a new 2D panel with FSX compatible gauges as well as a highly detailed static VC (non-functional gauges) and the FDE has been changed to make it flyable in FSX.

Original model by Kazunori Ito and camera views by Erwin Welker, all FSX updates, smoke configuration and improved FDE by Michael Pook

7 MB


FSX – Lockheed Martin F-16 2-Seater Updated

FSX – Lockheed Martin F-16 2-Seater Updated. This is an FSX update for the Lockheed Martin F-16 2-seater by Kirk Olsson. The package features both an enhanced and reconfigured VC and 2D panel. Included are new afterburner, smoke and burner effects. In addition, the aircraft now has additional camera views, amomg them VC rear-seat view with enhanced rear panel. This model was part of my earliar F-16 update, but as this model is a 2-seater, both the contact points and the camera views are different and had to be adjusted accordingly. The model is equipped with full loadout.

All credits go to Kirk Olsson for the original model. All new updates by Michael Pook

33.5 MB


FSX – Heinkel P-1079 Update

FSX – Heinkel P-1079 Update. This was the second design for the He P.1079B all-weather heavy fighter. The wings were swept back sharply and contained six fuel tanks. A crew of two sat back-to-back in the cockpit, and armament was to be four MK 108 30mm cannon. No evidence has been found that the P.1079 projects were ever submitted to the RLM, but it is known that designer Siegfried Günter, along with his engineers Eichner and Hohbach, were working on these designs under U.S. supervision during the summer of 1945.  This is an FSX update for the He-1079, originally designed for FS2002 by Stephen Robinson and updated for FSX by Keith Hackett in 2010. This new update features a new gauge configuration for the VC and a 2D panel has been added as well, both with now all German authentic gauges. Furthermore, smoke, burner effect and new camera views have been added also. The new livery (green camo) has been made by myself. Thanks to Steve Robinson for the original model, to Keith Hackett for the earliar FSX update, to Hauke Keitel for most of the gauges and to Mark Cranston for the sound.

New 2D panel, gauge configuration, livery, smoke, burner effect and additional camera views by Michael Pook

31 MB


FSX – The Focke Wulf TA-283 Update

FSX – The Focke Wulf TA-283 Update. The Focke-Wulf Ta 283 was a German swept-wing ramjet-powered interceptor aircraft during World War II. The project was developed at the same time as the Focke-Wulf Super Lorin and remained unbuilt before the surrender of Nazi Germany. This is an FSX update for the TA-283, originally designed for FS2002 by Stephen Robinson. Amazingly, the aircraft works perfectly in FSX, but this update features both a revised VC and 2D panel with all German authentic gauges as well as corrected smoke and new burner effect and additional camera views. Thanks to steve Robinson for the awesome original model, to Hauke Keitel for the Kedi gauges, to the unknown designers for the other great gauges and to Erwin Welker for the camera views.

New panel and new effect configuration by Michael Pook

18 MB


FSX – Henschel HSP-87 Prototype Update

FSX – Henschel HSP-87 Prototype Update. This project was Henschel’s design for a fast bomber to be powered by a single 2200 horsepower Daimler Benz DB 610 engine. A “Entenbauform” (built like a duck) design was used, with the tail in front and the wing to the rear. Vertical fins were located at the wingtips. The cockpit was in the forward fuselage with accomodations for a crew of three or four. The prototype construction was not begun, and the further development of tail-first aircraft was not pursued due to lengthy development time and design cost. This is an FSX update for the HSP-87, originally designed for FS2004 by Stephen Robinson. The aircraft works perfectly in FSX, but this update features a new 2D panel, smoke effect and additional camera views. Thanks to Steve Robinson for the awesome original model.

New 2D panel, smoke configuration and additional camera views by Michael Pook.

14 MB


FSX – Potez 540 Update

FSX – Potez 540 Update. The Potez 540 was a French multi-role aircraft of the 1930s. Designed and built by Potez, it served with the French Air Force as a reconnaissance bomber, also serving with the Spanish Republican Air Force during the Spanish Civil War. Although obsolete as a bomber, it remained in service in support roles and in France’s overseas colonies at the start of World War II. This is Paul Clawson’s FSX Potez 540 with newly designed and reworked VC and 2D panel with now French gauges for the most part. It also features smoke effect, slightly improved FDE and additional camera views for the co-pilot and rear seat. Original model by Paul Clawson and thanks to Restauravia for the great French gauges and to “Law Dog” for the sound.

Panel updates by Michael Pook

12.5 MB


FSX – Heinkel P-1079A Nightfighter Update

FSX – Heinkel P-1079A Nightfighter Update. In 1945, the German Air Ministry requested new designs for a new generation of jet fighters such as the Horten Ho 229 and Focke Wulf Ta 183. One of these designs was the Heinkel He P.1079. The initial design, known as the P.1079A, was a V-tail night fighter with wings that featured a 35 degree sweepback.The second and third designs were flying wings with a single vertical fin which replaced the V-tail of the P.1079A. The P.1079.B2 was a completely tailless flying wing. None of the three designs were ever produced, with development work ceasing at the end of World War II.
This is an update of the Nightfighter, originally designed by Andreas Becker. The focus of this update lies upon the panels, now featuring mostly German gauges to give them a more authentic appearance, being that this aircraft was a German design. In adition, tha VC has been entirely reworked and now contains some more gauges. All credits go to Andreas Becker for the original model.

New panel updates by Michael Pook.

18.5 MB


FSX – Curtiss F-11 Hawk II Update

FSX – Curtiss F-11 Hawk II Update. This is an FSX update for the Curtiss F-11 Hawk II, originally designed for FS2004 by Eduardo Padul, and features the original Columbian Army livery and two German textures. The latter depict two planes purchased by the German government in 1934 for the famous WWII pilot Udet. After a crash with the D-IRIK he used D-IRIS as his private aircraft until the outbreak of WWII. The package features both an entirely revised and enhanced VC and 2D panel.  Thanks to Eduardo Padul for the original model, to Caz Dalton for the repaints, to Tim Dement for the sound file and Tom Eads for the engine model.

New panels and smoke configuration by Michael Pook.

29 MB


FSX – Vought Bluebird Uptade

FSX – Vought Bluebird Uptade. This is a panel update for A.F. Scrub’s magnificent Vought Bluebird. It features both a new enhanced VC and 2D panel as well as smoke effect, VC light and new camera views. All credits go to A. F. Scrub for the model.

All new modifications by Michael Pook.

9 MB


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