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FSX – McDonnell XF-85 Goblin Update

FSX – McDonnell XF-85 Goblin Update. The McDonnell XF-85 Goblin parasite aircraft was developed to protect B-36 bombers flying beyond the range of conventional escort fighters. In theory, a B-36 penetrating enemy territory would carry its protecting fighter in the bomb bay. If attacked by enemy aircraft, the bomber would lower the Goblin on a trapeze and release it to combat the attackers. After the enemy had been driven away, the parasite fighter would return to the bomber, hook onto the trapeze, fold its wings, and be lifted back into the bomb bay. Although the XF-85 was successfully launched and retrieved from an EB-29B on several test flights but was never flown from a B-36. The test program was canceled in late 1949s when mid-air refueling of fighter aircraft for range extension began to show greater promise. This is and FSX Update of the XF-85 by Kazunori Ito. It features a new static VC and a 2D panel with now FSX compatible gauges. I also added lights including VC light as well as smoke effect and slightly changed the flight dynamics.

Original model by Kazunori Ito, all updates and static VC by Michael Pook

18.5 MB


FSX – Mig-17F Update

FSX – Mig-17F Update. This is an update of my earliar FSX update of the Mig-17F by Kazunori Ito. The package features the original paint plus four beautiful repaints by Mike Pearson, each of them assigned to three different models (clean, tanks and tanks + weapons). I’ve changed several things for improvement incuding flight dynamics, VC wiew, popup windows with radio and GPS as well as VC light plus I added afterburner effect as the Mig 17, unlike her predessessors, was equipped with it. The VC is static with non-functional gauges. Thanks to Kazunori Ito for the original model, to Mike Pearson for the repaints and to Erwin Welker for the new camera views.

All new updates and new FSX gauge configuration for the 2D panel by Michael Pook

11 MB


FSX – BAE Hawk 200 Updated

FSX – BAE Hawk 200 Updated. This is an FSX update for BAE Hawk 200 by Kazunori Ito. The package features three different models, FSX panel configurations, smoke and burner effect, FDE improvements and new camera views. Original model by Kazunori Ito and camera views by Erwin Welker.

All FSX updates by Michael Pook

15.5 MB


FSX – DSB RAF Hawk Updated

FSX – DSB RAF Hawk Updated. This is an FSX update for the FS2004 DSB RAF Hawk. The package features a new FSX compatible panel configuration and fixes the issue of the opaque VC window. It includes five terrific original liveries including the great Display livery recently uploaded by Chris Evans. In addition, the rear seat panel has been considerably enhanced and now looks very detailed and entirely matches the main VC panel.Original model by the DSB Team, additional livery by Chris Evans and sound by Aaron Swindle.

All FSX panel updates by Michael Pook

20 MB


FSX – EASA X-02 Wyvern Update

FSX – EASA X-02 Wyvern Update. This package features an FSX panel update of the EASA X-02 Wyvern from the Ace combat series. It now includes a 2D panel as well as a new detailled VC matching the 2D panel in every respect. Also now included is smoke effect. This is the whole aircraft with modle and textures. Original model by Ricardo Batalha and textures by Mike Durao.

New panels and smoke configuration by Michael Pook

13 MB


FSX – Convair Tradewind R3Y Update


FSX – Convair Tradewind R3Y Update. The R3Y was powered by 4 turboprop engines driving counter-rotating propellers. It flew first in 1954. It was originally designed as a patrol bomber and was designated XP5Y. Later, the Navy decided it should be used to haul personnel and cargo and was designated R3Y-1. This mega package is a panel and slight interior update for the terrific R3Y designed for FSX by Paul Clawson. It features the default livery by Paul Clawson as well as seven beautiful liveries by Lazarus Starkweather. The focus of this update lies on an entirely new VC design and a new 2D panel (the original package didn’t have one) matching the VC as closely as possible. The FDE has been optimized, so now the aircraft gets airborne in decent time. New smoke effect adds to a more realistic appearance of the model. Most of the gauges have been adapted from the Boeing XC-105 bomber by Georg Diemer. All credits go to Paul Clawson, Lazarus Starkweather and Georg Diemer for the great original model, the additional liveries and the gauges.

New VC and 2D panel, smoke effect as well as FDE optimization by Michael Pook

22.5 MB


FSX – Hongdu JL-8


FSX – Hongdu JL-8. The Hongdu JL-8 (Nanchang JL-8), also known as the Karakorum-8 or K-8 for short, is a two-seat intermediate jet trainer and light attack aircraft designed in the People’s Republic of China by China Nanchang Aircraft Manufacturing Corporation. Its export variant, K-8 Karakorum is co-produced by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex for the Pakistan Air Force. This package is primarily a panel update of the VC and the 2D panel to make it flyable in FSX. It features seven great liveries, new smoke effect and slightly altered FDE for easier take-off. The model was designed by Pierre Marchadier and the textures by Jonathan Hilaire “Rooster”. Original upload for FS2004 by Ramex, so all credits and thanks go to them. Also thanks to Philippe Wallaert for some of his gauges.

New VC and 2D panel configuration as well as smoke and FDE enhancement by Michael Pook

32 MB


FSX – Convair 880 Updated


FSX – Convair 880 Updated. The 880 has broken many speed records. Unfortunately,the 880 saw little sales success and only 65 were built. Some of the airlines that flew the 880 were: Alaska, Delta, Northeast, TWA, Japan, and Cathay Pacific. The last of the major airlines stopped flying the 880 in 1974. This is an FSX update for the FS2002 model by Rey Lopez featuring both an enhanced VC and 2D panel as well as compatible smoke effect. Thanks to Rey Lopez for the nice model, enhanced VC and 2D panels.

New gauge configuration and smoke effect by Michael Pook

4 MB


FSX – Mig-37E

thumbnailFSX – Mig-37E. The Mig-37E was a Russian concept stealth fighter, designed as a counterpart to the American concept aircraft F-19 Stealth. Further detailed facts about this aircraft are unknown. This is an update of my earliar FSX update and features both an enhanced VC and 2D panel with more authentic gauges installed. Thanks to Kazunori Ito for the original model and to Philippe Wallaert for the annunciator gauge.,

Update by Michael Pook

17 MB


FSX – Noorduyn Norseman


FSX – Noorduyn Norseman. The Noorduyn Norseman is a Canadian single-engine bush plane designed to operate from unimproved surfaces. The partial streamlining of the landing gear, in the form of two small “wings” extending from the lower fuselage, is a distinctive feature of the design which makes it easily recognizable.
Originally introduced in 1935, the Norseman remained in production for almost 25 years with over 900 produced. A number of examples remain in commercial and private use to this day. Norseman aircraft are known to have been registered and/or operated in 68 countries throughout the world and also have been based and flown in the Arctic and Antarctic regions.The Noorduyn Norseman was built from 1935 until 1959. They have been used all over the world in both civil and military roles. With the outbreak of war in Europe, demand for a utility transport led to major military orders. The Royal Canadian Air Force and the United States Army Air Forces became the two largest operators; the RCAF ordered 38 Norseman Mk IVWs for radio and navigational training for the Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Special thanks to Brian Gladden for the original model. Henri william for the textures. Dave Eckert for his pilot figure, radial engine and 3 blade prop files. Fred Banting for his Beaver flight dynamics that were used as the starting point for this projects flight dynamics. Steven Grant for his propeller bitmap. -Ken Mitchel for his terrific Panel bitmap.

By Michael Pook

39.5 MB


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