Triple Seven X – The Ultimate Boeing 777-300 Simulation

tsx_banner_600_300Now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (Base, Acceleration and Steam Edition) is Triple Seven X, the ultimate Boeing 777-300 Simulation with a very realistic cockpit, a large variety of liveries and a set of missions as well.

According with the Perfect Flight philosophy, this product is designed for all simmers who likes a nice and realistic plane to fly but, at the same time, not so complicated to use. Triple Seven X offers you both features to get the most enjoyment from your flight simulation experience.


RCS – Orinoco Skies-River Tide

600_ori2Now avalilable from Rolling Cumulus Software is Orinoco Skies-River Tide for Miscrosoft Flight Simulator X.  Orinoco Slies is a special breed pilots series and here is the Chapter I.

Orinoco Southern Airways is now hiring experienced Bush Pilots. (more…)

AFS – MCR-01 Ultralight v2 – FS9

mcr-01_600Now available ftom AFS-design is the new MCR-01 Ultralight v2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 with High resolution textures, New Repaint,  Cockpit Reflection,  Switch for banner towing and much more


RCS – The Inca Creation Expedition 1947

600_rcs_incaDr.Vergistain and his daughter Dority have for years studied the Inca Civilization. Two weeks ago, on March 23, 1947, they came upon a parchment known as the “Oluka-Kumbache” a document about the Creation of the Inca People by Vericocha the Sky and Water deity. Upon close examination and date recolection he is sure the document is over a Million years old!! he is so exited about it that through the “Science Shellrock Foundation” he has taken a loan to start an expedition in Peru. He will travel from London to Lima where he is extected by-YOU- Pilot and gentleman with vast experience of the area in consideration. (more…)

September Special Sales!

sept_special_600Take advantage from our Special Offer and save from 40% up to 60% on all our products for Miscrosoft Flight Simulator X and FS2004!

The Special offer will be active until the end of September!

Do not miss this opportunity to collect Perfect Flightìs products at special price! (more…)

FS Charts X – KORD Chicago O’Hare Intl

600_kordFS Charts X is a collection of IFR charts, maps and airport facility for all flight simulators.

Each title includes approach plates (ILS, VOR, VOR/DME, NDB, LLZ, SDF, GPS, TACAN, Helicopter, Visual), SIDs/STARs, Airport Diagrams, and more useful information on the vast majority of the world’s airports.


Aerosoft – Malaga X

The Airport Malaga – Costa del Sol is the busiest airport in the Spanish region Andalusia, offering connections to and from the whole world. This highly detailed recreation for FSX, FSX – Steam Edition and P3D allows you to discover the distinctive flair of the Spanish province. For this purpose we have made sure to create a true to original model of the airport area, but also covered the city of Malaga with high resolution, 0.5m/px satellite images and hand placed city objects.


RCS – Pilot Days

Every day and night, Professional Pilots go to airports, they go to the airline’s Operation Room and check their assigned Route, local weather and on route, they talk to their crew and explain the flight and then move on toi their assigned aircraft.


RCS – The Guyana Project 1937

It is known that in 1934 German Scientists with regular troops took an expedition to the Jungles of South America. “Operation Uberzee45” operatives landed after a dangerous flight over the south Atlantic in the shores of Brazil nearthe border of French Guiana. It is also a fact that radio equipment of the highest quality was brought with them. They soon moved into Guyana, probably with the help of locals as wellforeighners who had been living there for many years. A year later information startedflowing to the Panama Canal Zone that some local indians had conveyed the mayor of thetown of Porto Grande that they had seen silent aircraft flying high in the jungle skies.


Flying Canada


Now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator X is Flying Canada. The most complete flight ecperience dedicated to the world’s second largest country by total area.

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