Emirates Boeing 777 – making and busting clouds

Emirates Boeing 777 – making and busting clouds (more…)

Mallorca X Evolution Available Now

mallorca-x-evolutionNeed a holiday break? Now is the time to fly to the Mediterranean! And just in time SimWings have released their re-worked scenery of Mallorca X. This package features the whole island with photorealistic ground textures and both island airports Son Bonet (LESB) and Palma (LEPA).

The scenery features exact coastlines, mesh and completely new designed airports as well as photorealistic ground images covering the complete island in a breathtaking resolution of 0,5m/pixel be it day or night. Also included is AESLite (FSX only / NOT for the FSX: Steam Edition and P3D), bringing dynamic apron traffic as well as traffic to the surroundings of the airport.


Virtualcol Releases DASH 8 Series X

sm_vcoldhc8_fsxNov available from Virtualcol is DASH 8 Series X for Flight Simulator X and Prepar3D.

Virtualcol is specialized in development of product FF (Friendly frames) wich allows fluid flight with functionally cockpit and gauges, multiple repaints and 4 different models at a little price.

The product DASH8 Series includes 4 Models with virtual cockpit; 2D Panel; Animation ground service; Functional gauges and panels; Original Prop Sound;  Series -100, Q200, Q300 and Q400.

Also, product includes 149 repaints of the Dash 8 100, 200, 300 and 400 Series!


The Alexander-Schleicher ASK 21

ask21-gliderThe Alexander-Schleicher ASK 21 (and its motorized brother the ASK 21 Mi) are gliders that many people will recognize. It`s a two-seater (Club Class) sailplane that is used by many clubs as a trainer, but it is also a capable cross country and aerobatics aircraft.

This version for FSX (and FSX: SE/ P3D V2) is special in many ways. Not only are all the instruments accurate (we even supply the real manuals for the most important one!) but the flight characteristics are the real highlight of this product.


FSX – Waco UPF-7 Biplane

thumbnail (4)

FSX – Waco UPF-7 Biplane. This is a panel update for the Waco UPF-7 Biplane by Tim Conrad. The package features a new 2D panel as the original model just had just a minipanel instead of a real 2D panel. Both panels are equipped with David Eckart’s gauges he used for his FSX update of the Boeing Stearman, which are perhaps a little more authentic than the original ones. Original model and FSX update by Tim Conrad.

New 2D panel and other panel configurations as well as new smoke effect by Michael Pook

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