Flying Australia reviewed at

Perfect Flight - Flying AustraliaBill Stack, of, has just reviewed our product Flying Australia for FSX.

Bill wrote: “Perfect Flight’s 20 Australian missions are ideal for practicing short and long flights in common jetliners. Audio briefings, instructions, and announcements are clearly spoken in male and female voices, and they generally follow the written checklists in the pilot’s kneeboard for easy reference. The use of repainted default FSX aircraft enables simulation pilots to focus on the flights rather than learn new aircraft. The Australian liveries make us feel at home in the “down under” continent. Downloading and installing the product was generally quick and easy. Although they are classified as “expert,” they are good learning tools for new simulation pilots and good practice runs for experienced pilots. The 19 airports are varied enough to make the package especially interesting.”


Flying America reviewed at

Perfect Flight - Flying AmericaBill Stack, of, has just reviewed our product Flying America for FSX.

Bill wrote: “These are great missions for practicing jetliner simulations on routes ranging from less than one hour to more than three hours. They take us throughout North America and to the Caribbean Sea. Written and audio briefings are well presented. Interactive checklists with accompanying audio are fairly thorough, and they largely follow the kneeboard checklists. (more…) Review: UK Approaches Vol. 4

Bill Stack, of, has reviewed our product for Flight Simulator X FS Approaches Vol. 4 – UK Airports.

Bill wrote: “Missions in Microsoft Flight Simulator® are a fun, entertaining, and informative way to enjoy the wide variety of aviation activities that can be simulated at home with this popular simulation software.

Perfect Flight’s collection of 30 missions for approaching commercial airports in the United Kingdom provides plenty of experience and challenge for flight simmers.The 61 approach charts are real and ample for the missions or free flight.


Flying Hawaii, Approaches and Landings reviewed at

Flying Hawaii – Approaches & Landigs is in absolute the first 3d party package for Microsoft Flight. Ray Marshall has reviewed our product for

Ray wrote: “This package is loaded with innovative, easy to find and use information and files. The online Help Desk is going to be a real time saver. You can easily step thru the hierarchy to have everything you need to perform your flight and approach.  This required a lot of work by the Perfect Flight team.  I am amazed at how much they have packed into this initial release.This is the first package for any flight simulator that I have seen that has this much supporting documentation so well organized and convenient to use. Just click, click, click….”

You can read the full review here

Flying Hawaii – Approaches & Landigs product page

Ultimate 737 NG SImulation rewieved at

Bill Stack has rewiewed our bestseller product Ultimate 737NG Simulation for Byll says: ” Perfect Flight’s 27 missions to various locales around the world are interesting, challenging, and fun to simulate. The IFR flight plans simplify flying the missions. All nine repaints appear accurate. The comprehensive manual is helpful with using the product’s features. The iPad® Radar is a unique and useful instrument. I like that all files are installed together within the SimObjects folder so that my computer isn’t cluttered with more directories for another developer.”

Read the full review 

Ultimate Airbus A321 Smulation reviewed at Contributing reviewer Ray Marshall takes his A321 on an ultimate experience with our last product Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation.  “When was the last time you had a perfect flight in FSX? There is a company in Italy that is hard at work preparing a new batch of FSX add-ons with exactly that in mind. The goal of Perfect Flight has always been offer a realistic aeronautical ambiance, simple to use but fully enjoyable. I think they have certainly achieved their goal with the Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation.”


Fsx Missions – Air Berlin A321 Reviewed at

Bill Stack write: “For years I have advocated realistic simulation by simulating realistically, and this product comes closer to that realism than any product I have seen. Doing checklists, listening to pilot and passenger announcements, and keeping up with ATC in a real-world airline route is very realistic indeed…” “…These missions provide a realistic means of simulating commercial airline flights and/or learning how to simulate them. The scripts are thorough and realistic, and the voices are clear and professional.

AUTOLAND GAUGE Version 2.1 for FSX and FS2004

Free AUTOLAND GAUGE Version 2.1is now available in our File Library. This add-on provides full hands-off autoland capability for all airliners. Simple installation. By Martyn Becker, adapted and amended from original XML programming by Nick Pike.

You can download for free this “must have” add-on from here


Venice X – The Review by Gene Davis

Venice XThere are many places in the world that have a certain romantic draw to them and I think the one that stands out the most is probably Venice, Italy. The city built upon the sea has a certain old world feel to it even in this modern day and age.
Although technology and the advent of our modern world has caught up, Venice still holds that look and feel of its old world origins and that is what makes it one of the most romantic places on earth.

Surprisingly, I have never really gone and looked at Venice in Flight Simulator until now. Why I couldn’t tell you, but rest assured that with the Venice add-on from Aerosoft I will spend a good deal of time exploring this beautiful region and wonder what it might actually be like to visit some day!

Ultimate Terrain X USA – The Review by Gene Davis

Ultimate Terrain X - USAIf there is any one product for Flight Simulator that deserves more recognition, in my eyes, than any other it has to be the Ultimate Terrain series. Flight 1 brought us the original Ultimate Terrain series for FS9, releasing Ultimate Terrain Canada/Alaska, UT USA and UT for Europe. All were exceptional products and have always had a permanent place on my hard drive.

When FSX was released I remember that I couldn’t wait for Flight 1 to release an FSX version of their UT series. Gone were the roads, rivers and coastlines and we were back looking at default scenery. It’s funny how people become spoiled, as I used to spend more time with FS9 after FSX was released simply because it didn’t include all of these features. Sure it had some, but it just didn’t offer the same kind of coverage the Ultimate Terrain series offered.




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