FS2004 Adventures

Flight Simulator Fiction 3 – Chapter Two


Flight Simulator Fiction 3 – Chapter Two. The story of one man, and his third great aviation adventure.

By Andy Johnston

600 Kb


FS2004 – Seaplane Adventure in Alabama


FS2004 – Seaplane Adventure in Alabama. This is a seaplane flight from Jackson Municipal in Alabama to a small lake house just over the Mississippi border from Alabama. I would recommend using FSNavigator as I have found that this is now freeware for FS9. I have included a .pln file for you to use making the flight as easy as possible.

By Joseph Guccione

250 Kb


FS2004/FSX – Fly And Deliver III Flight Plans

FS2004/FSX – Fly And Deliver III Flight Plans

Air Transat Flight 262 Toronto to Halifax


Designed specially for “Fly the Tristar” Users, an AI/ATC Adventure that may be used by everyone. Package includes ABL Adventure, Flight plan in pdf format, Start Situation,  GPS Engine armed, Charts and Maps available during the flight (using Flight Briefing option). 



Qantas Flight 808 Adelaide Intl to Brisbade Intl

Package includes B737-400 Qantas, Flight Plan in pdf format, Start Situation and GPS Engine armed.  





California’s Farms

A long distance flight from Bakersfield to Modesto stictly in VFR, crossing the famous Californians Farms. The Meadows Airport is located to Bakersfield, in the southern extremity of the San Joaquin Valley. Contact the Ground on 118,1. Is a very good day to get a photographic service….



Between Sea and Earth

Your floatplane is located in the water mirror’s of Meigs Field. You are cleared to takeoff direct to Indianapolis. The airspace of Chicago is very busy and a light turbolence requires maximum attention…




Nighttime Approach to Milan Linate

Your Co-Pilot has just adjusted the radios for an nighttime ILS approach to Milano Linate Airport. A light turbolence and the heavy rain could complicate the landing operations. Contact Piacenza Approach as soon…




Approach to San Francisco Int’l

American Pacific 1123, turn left heading 280, Descend and maintain 8,700‘ The ACT has just announced your last instruction before start the approach. Fly the 737 in a clear day direct to San Francisco Intl.




Landing Blind at Heathrow

Depart Le Bourget. The weather’s 0-0 — no ceiling, no visibility, but you must to fly! Can you make an ILS in a light crosswind to a successful landing?




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