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MICROSOFT FLIGHT – Dense Fog over Honolulu

One of the more challenging types of instrument approaches you can make is the LDA/DME instrument approach to Honolulu International runway 26L, especially in a dense fog and crosswind condition.

You fly the LDA/DME approach like an usual ILS but the runway is not aligned with the radio beam, so you have to make a turn to actually line up with the runway.


MICROSOFT FLIGHT – Curvature of the Earth

MICROSOFT FLIGHT – Curvature of the Earth. A free flight designed by Marco Martini that’s help you to get 10000 XP in Microsoft Flight Aerochache Hunt. Needs of Microsoft Flight Hawaiian Adventure Pack.

This is the very first 3rd party add-on package for Microsoft Flight. We are now working around that possibility and you will hear soon about a new Add-on designed exclusively for Microsoft Flight!



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