FSX/P3D – Sutton Bank XSUT


FSX/P3D – Sutton Bank XSUT. Home of Yorkshire Gliding Club.

Complete scenery package.

By Alf Denham

7 MB


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FS2004 – Catumbela Airport


FS2004 – Catumbela Airport. FS2004 default doesn’t have taxiway or apron. No nodes at all. I created additional more detail. SonAir and TAAG have flights schedule in Catumbela Airport.

By Stuart Gilbert

1 MB


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CFS – Scenery Add-On “Abaiang-Marakei”


CFS – Scenery Add-On “Abaiang-Marakei” for Combat Flight Simulator 1. CFS version of Abaiang and Marakei atolls, under japanese occupation. The “Abaiang-Marakei” scenery shows Abaiang and Marakei atolls area, Gilbert islands. Two ficcional airfields are located in Abaiang and Marakei, with Fuel Areas signed by Japanese characters. Only nominal forces were placed on these islands in the Gilberts. Some of this japanese airfields are fictional. I don’t know if were built before WWII, but they are the same runway direction and distibution buildings as the current airfields. On the same day as the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese invaded the Gilbert Islands, occupying them by 10 December 1941.

By Edmundo Abad

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FSX/P3D – MUSC Abel Santa Maria Airport


FSX/P3D – MUSC Abel Santa Maria Airport, Santa Clara, Cuba.

Complete scenery package.

By Fernando Angel Gonzalez


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FSX – Update For EBBE Beauvechain


FSX – Update For EBBE Beauvechain

250 Kb


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FSX – Tallinn Airport

Screen Dump 1

FSX – Tallinn Airport, Estonia. Icao EETN. Add-on scenery for MS Flight Simulator X SP2. This software package contains an updated version of Tallinn airport and surrounding obstacles. It is backward compatible with FSX SP2. The scenery was highly optimized to allow all-weather operations. NAV data including SIDs/STARs, waypoints and RNAV routes within Tallinn FIR are up to date (AIRAC effective date 05 FEB 2015). Real NAV charts were helpfully provided by the Estonian ANS (EANS).

Comlete scenery package.

By Stas Neznamov

47.5 MB


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FSX/P3D – MM20 Cordoba Ing Juan Antonio Pedomo Diaz


FSX/P3D – MM20 Cordoba Ing Juan Antonio Pedomo Diaz. El Aeropuerto Nacional Ingeniero Juan Antonio Perdomo Díaz ó Aeropuerto Nacional de Córdoba (Código ICAO: MM20 – Código DGAC: CRV) es un pequeño aeropuerto ubicado al sur de la ciudad de Córdoba, Veracruz. Cuenta con una pista de aterrizaje asfaltada con orientación 12/30 de 1350 metros de largo y 24 metros de ancho además de 110 metros extra en la cabecera 12 y 50 en la cabecera 30, haciéndola de un total de 1510 metros de longitud; también cuenta con 10 hangares y una torre de control de 6 metros de alto cerca del hangar 10, donde también existe una pequeña plataforma de aviación con helipuerto.

Complete scenery package.

By Fernando Angel Gonzalez

25 MB


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FS2004 – Kilimanjaro Airport


FS2004 – Kilimanjaro Airport. Little scenery about Kilimanjaro Airport HTK, It hasn’t a lot of detail but it has all necessary accessories.

By Francesco Mura

4.5 MB


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FS2004 – Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarote


FS2004 – Puerto Del Carmen Lanzarote. This scenery was built with FS2004 Rwy12 Object Placer Program. All credits are for the Rwy12 Object Placer developers, I just applied my knowledge of the area to place the static objects and recreate the scenery. Note: There are some minor improvements around ACE rwy 3 approach.

Complete scenery package.

By Mike Helm

70 Kb


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FSX – EBOS ILS Rwy 08. In this version I added the ILS rwy 08 freq. 111.55. This file will works with FSX only

10 Kb


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