FSX – Wauchula Municipal Airport

FSX – Wauchula Municipal Airport (KCHN), located in Central Florida (FL), USA is a publicly owned public use facility established in February, 1983. KCHN features a 4005 x 75 ft lighted asphalt runway with 4-light PAPI – both ends. The airport has a lighted wind indicator in a segmented circle and a sunset to sunrise white-green beacon. The airport lists 27 home based aircraft – 22 single engine, 4 multi engine and 1 ultralight.

By Fred Zealor

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FSX – Eugene Oregon’s Mahlon Sweet Field

FSX – Eugene Oregon’s Mahlon Sweet Field KEUG. KEUG has been updated for FSX. The new runway [16L-34R] is active. Taxiways now conform to the current FAA Airport Diagram (copy included). All of the structures are new.

By Brett Delana

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FSX – Treasure Coast Intl Airport (KFPR)

FSX – Treasure Coast Intl Airport (KFPR), located in Central East Coast Florida (FL), USA is a publicly owned, public use facility originally established in 1935. KFPR features two asphalt runways in a modified “V” and a third asphalt runway used as a practic area. The airport has a lighted wind indicator in a lighted segmented circle, a sunset to sunrise white-green beacon and an active control tower. The airport lists 270 home based aircraft – 179 single engine, 58 multi engine, 16 jet and 17 helicopters.

By Fred Zealor

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FS2004 – Brussels South Charleroi EBCI Airport

FS2004 – Brussels South Charleroi EBCI Airport. ALL objects are on real lat/lon position. This scenery was built with charts and from the official maps for the runway and taxiways with GoogleMaps as a background image as support.

By Libon Serge

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FS2004 – Bella Coola CYBD Airport

FS2004 – Bella Coola CYBD Airport. Bella Coola is in one of the deep east-west fjords amid the Coastal Range on the coast of BC, approximately mid way between Vancouver and the Alaskan border, and some 70 miles inland from the open ocean. The town of Bella Coola has a small population of around 150, while the population of the whole Bella Coola Valley is around 2,000. Warmer in both summer and winter than the surrounding area, tourism flourishes along with forestry, fishing, and local government administration. Although there is road access, the ferry service is the main connection to larger coastal towns or cities such as Vancouver. The airport, 7 miles east of the town, is connected by daily Pacific Coastal flights to Vancouver and Anahim Lake (to the east). The asphalt runway is 4,200 feet long and aligned 04-22 in FS9 (by 2010 this had changed to 05-23 in reality) and is without lighting of any sort, so it is restricted to daylight hours only. At the eastern end is the terminal building and in the middle the West Coast Helicopter hangar, which has a large fenced paddock-like enclosure in front of it. The helicopters hop over the three feet high fence as they “taxi” to the apron in front of the hanger. Between the two there are four other company hangars spread out along the roadway beside the fence. I have never seen the airfield in Summer, and I have not attempted to replicate the apron as it now shows in Google Earth.

By Roger Wensley

15.5 MB


FS2004 – London Luton Airport EGGW

FS2004 – London Luton Airport EGGW. I just found out there is no scenery for FS2004 updated. I created scenery for 3 days while I’m on the vacation week off. It’s good thing to quick to project done. Hope you like them airport. It was the most difficult to put the big sign “EasyJet” on the hanger’s roof! LOL. Happy Flying,

By Stuart Gilbert

4.5 MB


FSX – Las Vegas McCarran Airport

FSX – Las Vegas McCarran Airport. Welcome to Las Vegas! McCarran airport has been updated for FSX. All Terminals are depicted, as are the west ramp structures and the new cargo facility. All of the structures are new. Taxiways now conform to the current FAA Airport Diagram (copy included).

By Brett Delana

7 MB


FS2004 – Moses Kilangin International Airport

FS2004 – Moses Kilangin International Airport  (WAYY) at Timika City, Papua, Indonesia. TimikaX are perform Moses Kilangin International Airport (WAYY) at Timika City, Papua, Indonesia. Moses Kilangin Airport have been change ICAO code from WABP to WAYY. So we have procedures that can applied to Flight Simulator X. The airport are operate by PT.Freeport Indonesia which only serve work hours flight. Timika also the base of Airfast Indonesia, the charter aircraft operator, which operate the Helicopter, MD, and TwinOtter aircraft. TimikaX Scenery is Beta version for non commercial use only, without night texture or any other effect texture.  This scenery is being tested only in FSX. P3D of FS9 will comming soon.

By Hery Frianto

51 MB


FS2004 – Scenery Transload-Carrier-Fleet

FS2004 – Scenery Transload-Carrier-Fleet.  There are 18 Nimitz-class aircraft carriers in various locations around the world, modified and updated by Richard Hogen in his freeware package “Carriers 2006”. All carriers are equipped with navaids and arrestor-cables

By Garry J. Smith

32.5 MB


FSX – Bandar Udara International Airport

FSX – Bandar Udara International Airport WICA. KertajatiX is second bigest New Aiport that called BANDAR UDARA INTERNASIONAL JAWA BARAT-BIJB with ICAO Code WICA and located at Kertajati, West Java Province of Indonesia. The new airport are still developing to be perfect international airport, but had been operated on June 2018. Based of our scenery design by their core design so, we perform it into flight simulator scenery as close as possible. KertajatiX are non commercial use only, and being tested in FSX . For FS9 or P3D will comming soon. KertajatiX are beta version that only perform day texture only, without night texture and any other effect texture.

By Hery Frianto

23 MB


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