FS2004 – Dublin International Airport Scenery

FS2004 – Dublin International Airport Scenery. I just wanted to make scenery for Dublin scenery becuase they have upgrade new terminal and taxiways etc.. The old others scenery wasn’t updated since yet. I need updated as of today. A few airlines will start to Dublin expand. I worked so hard on this created scenery almost a month to completed. Hope you like them a lot. Enjoy your flight into Dublin.

By Stuart Gilbert

4 MB


FSX/P3D – Advanced Landing Ground B-3 Saint Croix

FSX/P3D – Advanced Landing Ground B-3 Saint Croix France. This is the forth of the Advanced Landing Ground sceneries I will release. The “ALG_Lib” library will be used on all of them and needs to be installed only once. This FSX/P3D freeware scenery package attempts to represent Advanced Landing Ground B-3 near Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer, Normandy, France in 1944. Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer Airfield was a former World War II airfield, located 1 km northwest of Sainte-Croix-sur-Mer in the Normandy region, France. The airfield was located only 3.5 kilometers from the Normandy Gold landing beach. One of the major problems at ALG B-3 was dust. As such, I’ve attempted replicate that troublesome attribute for your pleasure. Be ready to dodge the occasional incoming mortar round. Easter eggs are included. Be sure to read the pdf for hints. This scenery has been tested in FSXA, P3D V3 and V4. It looks best with ORBX Global and EU land class, however it will operate properly with FSX and P3D stock scenery.

By Terry Flemming

99.5 MB


FSX – Windy Acres Airport (6FD0), Ames Field (8J2) & Neal Field (79FL)

FSX – Windy Acres Airport (6FD0), Ames Field (8J2) & Neal Field (79FL) are located in West Central Florida (FL), USA and are privately owned, private use facilities. 6FD0 features a 2600 x 100 ft. turf runway and lists no based aircraft. 8J2 located 2300 meters due North from 6FD0 features a 2600 x 75 ft. turf runway lists 2 home based aircraft. 79FL located 950 meters due South from 6FD0 features a 1900 x 100 ft. turf runway, a wind indicator and lists 1 home based aircraft.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


FSX/P3D – Aboyne X6AB Scotland

FSX/P3D – Aboyne X6AB Scotland. Aboyne is a small airfield located near Scottish town of the same name, and 25 miles west of Aberdeen. Aboyne is a home for Deeside Gliding Club. Four tiny runways and surrounding hills makes a scenic and interesting approaches. Features: – Seasonal photo background compatible with ORBX Global EU – Accurate layout and marking according to the latest satellite images – Fictional NDB beacon (ABOY 358.00) was added for convenience – Enhanced landclass – Compatible with FSX, Prepar3D v3 and Prepar3D v4 – Compatible with ORBX FTX Scotland region.

By Dmitriy Kozyrev

9.5 MB


FSX – Newchurch Advanced Landing Ground (ALG)

FSX – Newchurch Advanced Landing Ground (ALG). The village of Newchurch on Romney marsh,Kent was home to an Advanced Landing ground from july 1943 to December 1944, originally a base for 3 Spitfire sqdns, replaced in April 44 by 3 Tempest sqds under the command of Wing Commander Roland Beamont to provide support for the Normandy landings in June 44 and to protect the capital from V1 flying bomb attacks. The ALG was return’d to farmland by December 44 as base’d sqdns moved to the Belgium and the Netherland’s, This scenery is for FSX-Acc, i dont have Orbex or any other terrain ehancments, so i dont know if they work or not, Same for PS3D, i dont have it so i dont know, some of my scenery works apparentl, so try it and see. Typhoon scenery object by Fulbert, and i found a 56 Squadron repaint by Alan Merry, one of the three sqdn’s base’d at Newchurch Tent library by Al Simms.

By Ian Elliot

2 MB


FS2004 – Kilimanjaro International Airport (HTKJ)

FS2004 – Kilimanjaro International Airport (HTKJ). Here is Kilimanjaro International Airport (HTKJ) Version 1.1. Kilimanjaro International Airport (KIA) (IATA: JRO, ICAO: HTKJ) is an international airport in northern Tanzania that serves the cities of Arusha and Moshi. Scenery was built using Sketchup, Sbuilder and ADE and it consists of a photoreal airport background.

By Emmanuel Mwandosya

17.5 MB


FS2004 – LEXJ Santander Seve Ballesteros Airport

FS2004 – LEXJ Santander Seve Ballesteros Airport. This scene was requested by Diego Varela Rodriguez who provided the documentation (photos and plans) I thank him for his collaboration and the quality and quantity of information. The airport has undergone many modifications, recent photos of the ground markings not being available, these were made thanks to the maps. This scenery was built from the official maps for the runway and taxiways with GoogleMaps as a background image as support. The different signs were positioned without any documentation or references.

By Libon Serge

15 MB


FSX – Chiefland Sky Ranch (51FL)

FSX – Chiefland Sky Ranch (51FL) located in West Central Florida (FL), USA is a privately owned, private use facility established in March, 1988. 51FL features a 3180 x 90 ft. lighted turf runway with a lighted wind indicator and a sunset to sunrise airport land beacon. The airport lists 7 single engine home based aircraft.

By Fred Zealor

700 Kb


FS2004 – LEST Santiago de Compostela

FS2004 – LEST Santiago de Compostela. Scenery design by Serge  Libon, photoreal terrain by Diego Vareta Rodriguez.

176.5 MB


FSX – White Farms Airport (FA36) and Brookins Air Strip (73FD)

FSX – White Farms Airport (FA36) and Brookins Air Strip (73FD) are located in West Central Florida (FL), USA and are privately owned, private use facilities. FA36 features a 3909 x 70 ft. asphalt runway with a wind indicator. FA36 lists 2 home based aircraft. 73FD located 1200 meters due East from FA36 features a 2400 x 100 ft. turf runway. The airport lists 2 home based aircraft.

By Fred Zealor

1.5 MB


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