FSX – Added Views For C-123 Provider

C-123 Provider_FSX-internal Camera-Parachutes

FSX – Added Views For C-123 Provider Provider military transport airplane. A reconfiguration for an FSX compatible panel.cfg is included. The features are for the use with the animated Provider from Vladimir Zhyhulskiy (C123ZHV3.ZIP). There are eight cameras showing the fantastic features from his C123 with external and cargoroom views: there is a Willys Jeep driving over the open tail ramp, a ladder for maintenance will be put near the open engine hatches and of course the doors. Additionally there are two cockpit cameras. The smoke system with boxes and pigs on parachutes is corrected for FSX-usage. FSX camera and panel reconfiguration by Erwin Welker.

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FS2004 – HJG Convair 990 Wing And Engine Views

Left Rear

FS2004 – HJG Convair 990 Wing And Engine Views. Live animated wing and engine views of the Historic Jetliners Group HJG Convair CV990. For use with FS2004 and all HJG CV990 aircraft and repaints. All views included: forward, left-forward, left, left-rear, right-forward, right, right-rear, and rear. By Don Bartel

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FSX – Boeing 737 EICAS


FSX – Boeing 737 EICAS. A B737 style EICAS for the default FSX 737 and 777 style PFD, Nav, and EICAS glass instruments. Now use your OpenCockpits EFIS with the CrgSim Nav Display on most default FSX aircraft. A sample SIOC file is included as a guide to modify your existing SIOC to work directly with the Nav Display. The nav display has all seven nav modes: Expanded Map, VOR, and Approach; Centered Map, VOR, Approach, and Plan. Includes TCAS support to watch AI traffic on the nav display. The flight plan capacity has been increased to 30 points. Use these glass instruments with any of the FSX default turbine aircraft (PFD works fine with the default ultralight). Also included in this release: a flight plan builder and loader, and an aircraft profile loader. The instrument displays require DirectX10 and Vista, Win7, or Win8. The instruments are designed to run on a second FSX screen or on separate computers connected to a local net. This release has support for Prepar3D version 1.4. This is CrgSim release 0.055. By Kapock Cavanaugh.

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FS2004 – Night Textures For Overland Boeing 777

Preview 1

FS2004 – Night Textures For Overland Boeing 777. Night textures for SMS / Overland B777, all models. By Gilber Linares.

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FS2004/FSX – Air Tractor AT-301 VC Update


FS2004/FSX – Air Tractor AT-301 VC Update. This fixes the VC transparency problem of the Air Tractor AT-301 and the VC now matches the 2D panel. Original 2002 model by Stuart Greene, updated for FS2004/FSX by Michael E. Roberts and new VC configuration by Michael Pook.

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FSX – Panel For POSKY Boeing 737-700 BBJ

This add-on is not more available in our File Library

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FS2004 – Boeing 738 2D Panel V3 For Multiple Monitors


FS2004 – Boeing 738 2D Panel V3 For Multiple Monitors. Note: This panel is designed for use with freeware aircraft only. This panel is for use with computer operating systems, video cards and adapters that can horizontally span the display across two or more monitors. This version includes a 20% perspective left to right providing a more realistic view of the first officer panel. An updated overhead panel with all working switches. A new pedestal. Not all switches are connected to aircraft systems. Includes panels and all gauges. By Alan M. Harvey.

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FSX – Panel For TDS Boeing 787-3

This add-on is not more available in our File Library

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FSX – Panels For TDS Boeing 787-8 BBJ

This add-on is not more available in our File Library

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FSX – Airbus MFD Model Gauge For The Saitek FIP

Airbus MFD

FSX – Airbus MFD Model Gauge For The Saitek FIP. This version of the Airbus MFD is a replica of the gauge provided with FSX and has been adapted for the Saitek Flight Instrument Panel. This version was created primarily for use with the FSX Airbus A321. It can also be used with the A319, A320 and A330 variants. All LS components of the original gauge have been replicated in this version. In addition both GPS and DME displays have been included and can be selected using the S1 button on the FIP. By Michael D. Harvey.

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