FSX Panel For Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321


FSX Panel For Airbus A318/A319/A320/A321. This panel is designed for wide screens 1920×1080. CREDITS to Ken Mitchell, Pierre FASSEAUX and many others gauge designers

By Chris Jeanne

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FS2004 – Douglas DC-3 Cockpit Texture


FS2004 – Douglas DC-3 Cockpit Texture. Contained is a replacement cockpit .bmp (douglas_dc3_3_c) for Manfred Jahn’s C-47 Skytrain for FS2004. This file upgrades most of the overhead text labels to make them legible (see enclosed screenshot) and also eliminates the texture flickering on the left side of the centre console. Just drop into all aircraft texture folders you have, allowing it to overwrite. It should also work fine on the default Douglas DC-3.

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FSX – Cessna 172 Custom panels


FSX – Cessna 172 Custom panels wood or make your own! Made a custom wood panel for the stock Cessna 172 to see how it would look, maybe someday I’ll build this in a real plane. Thought I might as well share it with the world. Also included is the blank texture files, with all the gauges and screws cut out and the shadows overlaid on it as transparencies, can be used to create a panel of any background color or texture desired – find a picture of the desired texture (could be wood, metal, plastic – use any stock photo), overlay the included files on top, and save as a .dds – it’s that easy! Textures are in .pdn format, could probably be opened by most decent photo-editing software. By Bradley Maurer. Wood grain texture sourced from public domain photo on web. These files are public domain, do with them as you wish.

By Bradley Maurer

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FSX – For The X-15 Panel Update


FSX – For The X-15 Panel Update. This is a panel update for my earliar update, featuring an entirely re-worked VC and 2D panel. The panels are much more detailled now and contain several new gauges

By Michael Pook

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FS2004 – Razbam Douglas Skyraider A-1H Panel

A-1H cockpit

FS2004 – Razbam Douglas Skyraider A-1H Panel. Here is a 2D panel for RAZBAM Douglas Skyraider A-1H. You will need the original plane from RAZBAM.

By Michael Vader

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FS2004 – TDS Tenkuu B787-9 Wing and Engine Views


FS2004 – TDS Tenkuu Developers Studio 787-9 Wing and Engine Views.

By Don Bartel

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FS2004 – Swearingen Merlin 300 Panel

Merlin 300 Panel

FS2004 – Swearingen Merlin 300 Panel. This panel is a revision of Brian Williams’ FS2004 Fairchild Metro panel. The main panel bitmap and most of the gauges are taken from the original panel. I have enclosed a copy of Brian’s original Read me file, as well as Pierre Fasseaux’s autopilot readme. I have substituted some gauges to allow better operation. I have added popups for the Airspeed Indicator, HSI, Radio Stack and GPS. The additions include: CAD KLN90B GPS, Pierre Fasseaux’s Collins King Air Radio, chronograph gauges and autopilot. The radio gauges are a striking improvement over the original gauges.

By Michael Verlin

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FS2004 – Focke Wulf Fw 200 C4 & C6 Panel

fw200 start at bordeaux

FS2004 – Focke Wulf Fw 200 C4 & C6 Panel. This is a major redo of the Focke Wulf Fw 200 C4 and C6 panel. The original instruments layout was a bit far away from the real one. As the graphic was interesting at last I mixed it with an older civil panel I didi some years ago. Also I reworked the colors. Than I added views from the ventral gondola with a special view from the bomb aimer perspective. As the long patrol flights over the atlantic might be a bit lonely the are also three music parts that can be selected in the cockpit. The bom aimers views are bit different for the C4 and C6 as the C4 does horizontal bombing and the C6 launches missiles. For the C4 I did find some interesting effects – for the C6 I hope that some one will be willing to create effect files to simulate the Henschel HS 293 missile. Also I reworked the aircraft.cfg files to match more with the technical datas from the real ones.

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FS2004/FSX Aircraft engine monitor XML gauge


FS2004/FSX Aircraft engine monitor XML gauge for single engine aircraft. Resembles digital panels by JPI, EI and  Insight which replace several analog gauges. Includes horizontal and vertical layouts, with versions for fixed-pitch and constant-speed props, turboprop singles, and the Aviatt Husky. Add it to any panel and as a popup. Instructions included.

By Bob Kellogg

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FS2004 – Citation II panel v1.0


FS2004 – Citation II panel v1.0. This panel is a remake of the CCII Citation II panel by Leon Seale back in 2004. I redid some of the main panel bitmap as well as fixed many of the gauges that did not work with the aircraft I was using. The gauges I fixed are all done in XML programming. The panel also includes Radar with advisories pop up gauge.

By David Durst
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