FS2004 – A320/A321 2d Views


FS2004 – A320/A321 2d Views.Simply copy the BMP files to your panel folder and then open your panel.cfg file and modify it using the partial panel file I’ve provided.

18.5 MB


FS2004 – Airbus A380 2D Views


FS2004 – Airbus A380 2D Views.

15.5 MB




FS2004 – FOCALLS. A set of .XML gauges that will add many sounds to your aircraft. All sounds are basic to customize and should work in any Aircraft.

By Stephen Davey

26 MB


FSX/P3D – Boeing 737/777 Style Glass Instruments


FSX/P3D – Boeing 737/777 Style Glass Instruments. A 737 style EICAS for the default FSX 737 and 777 style PFD, Nav, and EICAS glass instruments. Two new instrumentsare included: standby PFD and standby RMI. CrgSim now requires FSUIPC and has dropped SimConnect. If you already use FSUIPC then the change should be transparent. Please look at the README docs. Use these glass instruments with many FSX default aircraft. The PFD, EICAS, and Nav Display work fine with the Ultralight trike (as well as altitude call outs on descent). The instrument displays require DirectX10 and Vista, Win7, or Win8.
The instruments are designed to run on a second FSX screen or on separate computers connected to a local net. This is CrgSim release 0.070.

By Kapock Cavanaugh

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FSX – Auto Altimeter Gauge


FSX – Auto Altimeter Gauge. This gauge automatically maintains and calibrates your altimeter with local pressure below 18000ft and standard pressure above 18000ft.

By Steve Colley

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FSX – Boeing 737 Panel


FSX – Boeing 737 Panel. A really complete and realistic panel highly detailed for the Boeing 737.

© Pasquale Rinaldi

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FSX – Garmin GPS 500 Replacement Gauge V5

Transition Zurich

FSX – Garmin GPS 500 Replacement Gauge V5, This gauge is intended as a replacement in FSX for the Garmin GPS 500 standard gauge which was originally designed for earlier versions of Flight Simulator. This gauge can be installed on pretty much any aircraft but only in FSX. There are high resolution maps and displays which are not compatible with FS9.

By Gavin Munro

1.5 MB


FSX – Boeing 717 Panel


FSX – Boeing 717 Panel. A complete panel, highly detailed for the Boeing 717.

By Pasquale Rinaldi

1 MB



SID chargé sur page FPLN

FSX/P3D – PROJECT AIRBUS A318 FD-FMC v1.12. New FMC with true vertical navigation A complete aircraft pack, provided with an airport database with SID/STAR and Approaches. Real Airbus navigation mode (managed, selected) in N1 mode (pitch controlled by the gauges). Advanced gauges and real flight management. Virtual cockpit with all switch working. Please, read install and user manual.

FD-FMC is copyright Francois Dore 2015

160.5 MB


FS2004 – POSKY ERJ-145 VC Cockpit


FS2004 – POSKY ERJ-145 VC Cockpit. Bill Grabovski 4.01 panel for ERJ-145 merge into VC of POSKY ERJ-145. VC cockpit only, 2D cockpit is NOT functional.

By Andrzej Glowacki

57.5 MB


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