FSX – Garmin 500 GPS Terrain Shadows And Aircraft


FSX – Garmin 500 GPS Terrain Shadows And Aircraft. This file is for those who want the Garmin 500 default GPS for FSX to include terrain shadows and aircraft too.

By Simon Hitch

500 Kb


FSX – Boeing 737-800 Flight Deck Panel


FSX – Boeing 737-800 Flight Deck Panel. This panel has virtually all new gauges and is specifically designed for 1920X1080 monitors. There are many new features including an updated PFD based on a new hi-res photo and including V speeds, an MFD with a TAWS map option, new Standby gauges, windscreen wipers that actually work, a new Throttle Quadrant  following the default concept but based on photographs, and a photo real overhead panel which is mostly functional.

By G Munro

13 MB


FS2004 – Boeing 727 Panel


FS2004 – Boeing 727 Panel. All credit for bmp goes to original artist. I simply customized it more to my tastes.

By William Lockhart

38 MB


FS2004 – Boeing 747-100/200 Panel


FS2004 – Boeing 747-100/200 Panel. All credit for bmp goes to Ken Mitchell. I simply customized it more to my tastes.

12 MB


FS2004 – Bombarier Learjet 45 Panel

main panel eicas

FS2004 – Bombarier Learjet 45 panel version 4.0 Here is my updated Bombardier Learjet 45 panel for FS2004.  This panel was originally created back in FS98 and had actually won a plaque from for best developer back then. I have tried an update back in FS2002 and then just left it alone until recently when I decided to try another update. This update brings all new gauges in .XML format for the entire panel along with sub menus and traffic advisories in the MFD.

By David Durst

4.5 MB


FS2004 Cessna Citation X Panel

main panel

FS2004 Cessna Citation X Panel version 4.0 . Here is my updated Cessna Citation X panel for FS2004. This panel was originally created by me back in FS98 and has been updated sort of for FS2004 a few years go. This update to the panel includes all new PFD, MFD and EICAS in .XML with sub menu’s and many more gauge updates including new traffic radar with advisories.

By David Durst

2.5 MB


FS2004 – Citation XLS Panel

main panel

FS2004 Citation XLS Panel v1.0. This panel is version 1.0 of my Citation XLS panel. This panel completes the Cessna series of business jets for now or until I decide that I need to create another one of a different variation. The panel is new for FS2004 and includes several sub menus off the MFD display which included aircraft reference/checklist, MFD moving map display setup and TCAS information display. Other updated Cessna Business jet panels include the Citation II and Citation X series

By David Durst

2 MB


FS2004 – Boeing 707 Panel


FS2004 – Boeing 707 Panel. Also includes a very dark thick smoke effect to seem more realistic of the old turbojets ala 707, DC-8, and CV880.

5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer Triple Instrument Panel

NLR widescreen 2 D cockpit RH

FSX/FS2004 –  Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer Triple Instrument panel display. A new triple screen combined pilot and first officer panel for use with three displays. This new Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer flight deck panel allows for switching between pilot’s and first officer’s position. The panel configuration design is optimized for use with three displays with a total resolution of 3840 x 1024. However use of three panoramic displays is possible. This flightdeck panel is based on the Fokker S-14 Mach-Trainer version published by David Wooster and Emile lancee and installation of this aircraft in your Flightsim program is a prerequisite.This issue includes the earlier released fix and superseeds

By Emile Lancee

32 MB


FSX – Airbus A32X series OVERLAND SMS gauges upgrade pack


FSX – Airbus A32X series OVERLAND SMS gauges upgrade pack. This is an Airbus A32X series OVERLAND SMS gauges upgrade pack. It is a very simple upgrade, yet it provides some extras and makes the overall flying experiance of the A32X series more enjoyable. It is quite similar to my previous upload for the A330-340 series.

By Dimitrios Moschos

6 MB


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