FS2004 Inertial Navigation System

FS2004 Inertial Navigation System. Easy to use. Stores up to 99 waypoints. Waypoints are saved to a data file. Flight plans can be entered automatically. Displays position, heading, speed and times. Full instructions. By Julian Avisenis. 244 Kb


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FSX BN-2 Islander Black Instrument Panel

FSX BN-2 Islander Black Instrument Panel. Alternate panel backgrounds for the Flight1/Virtavia Britten Norman BN-2 Islander. Originals by Virtavia. Repaints by Frank Safranek. 3 Mb


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FSX Douglas DC-9 2D Panel

FSX Douglas DC-9 2D Panel. Designed by Enrique Medal, using the following: bitmaps: David Durst’s panel; gauges: DC9 gauges panel by Philippe Wallaert. 1,8 Mb


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FSX Republic F-105 Thunderchief 2D Panel

FSX Republic F-105 Thunderchief 2D Panel. Available photos show a number of variations in F-105 panels, depending on the model and date. This panel is a compromise of authenticity and functionality in Flight Simulator with an emphasis on the latter. All you need to fly well is included on the panel. Only pop-up is the GPS (which they didn’t have in Thud days but which has been included because, well, it could be!) By Bill Lowe. 13 Mb


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FSX In-Flight Refueling Gauge

FSX In-Flight Refueling Gauge. The package contains an in-flight refueling gauge that can be installed on any aircraft and allows refueling in the air from any aircraft – in free flight or multiplayer. By Andy Niko and Jivko Rusev. 960 Kb


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FSX flyNOW Boeing 737-800

FSX flyNOW Boeing 737-800. This is the new VA flyNOW’s colors. It contains two B737-800 paints, one with London Eye, on the vertical stab, and one with Holmenkollen. By Henrik Bergman. 22 Mb


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FS2004 Lockheed Electra Panel

FS2004 Lockheed Electra Panel v5.2. Accurate panel for Lockheed L-188A Electra aircraft. Custom built gauges to reflect the performance of the Allison 501-D13 engine and most of its associated systems are accurately replicated, including fuel, electrical, anti-icing, hydraulic and pressurisation systems. This is a complete Electra package including model by J.R. Lucariny, with new flight dynamics, as well as Allison sounds by W.C. Schultz and Victor Merculief. New textures for Air Bridge Carriers, Fred. Olsen, Shillelaghs and Lockheed demonstator c/n 1002. Full documentation and installation guide provided. Adds required modules and supercedes V5.1. Panel, gauges, textures and flight dynamics by Fraser McKay. 32 Mb


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FSX Panel–French Navy Carrier

FSX Panel–French Navy Carrier. Panel and cameras for pilotable French Navy carriers “Mistral” and “Tonnerre” from Jean Pierre Baril. These two versions of flight simulation AIships for amphibious attacks are animated with moving elevators with helicopters (Mistral) or with docking and undocking hovercrafts (Tonnerre). Features: the panel has a bridge and for a flightdeck view a Bell UH helicopter cockpit. Seven camera views let you explore the ship: watch the animated LCAC hovercraft or the helicopter on the elevator, have an external view, see the flight deck or stand as airboss at the bridge. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker. 5 Mb


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FSX Panel–Carrier Clemenceau

FSX Panel–Carrier Clemenceau. Panel and cameras for a pilotable French aircraft carrier “Clemenceau” from Sylvain Parouty. Features: the panel has a bridge, a cannon gunner view and a cockpit of a F-8 Crusader. The cannon can be rotated 180 degrees. Seven camera views let you explore the ship: stand on the bridge as airboss or at several spots of the flight deck, see the deck as pilot from a F-8 cockpit or mann and operate a 10 cm gun turret. Bitmaps and configuration by Erwin Welker. 6 Mb


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FS2004 Stratocruiser / Super Stratocruiser Panels

FS2004 Stratocruiser / Super Stratocruiser Panels. A new set of panels and gauges for Greg Pepper’s Boeing B377 Stratocruiser. Includes pilot, co-pilot, virtual cockpit, flight engineer and navigator/wireless operator’s stations, radios and autopilot. Also includes new aircraft.cfg files, panel.cfg files and instructions on exactly how to install the components to suit your collection of Strats. Includes the RKG Fuelstat gauge (lost in recent crash elsewhere), and alternate .mdlv1 and .mdlv2 model files that offer control over prop pitch, mixture and elevator trim in the VC. Should be regarded as beta test version at this stage. Important that users follow the instructions for installation. Not suitable for FSX or military versions By Bruce Smythe. 13 Mb


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