FS2004 NZCH Photoreal Scenery

FS2004 NZCH Photoreal Scenery. Christchurch Int’l Airport, New Zealand photoreal scenery base on US Maps images. Night texture not included and images in low resolution but frame rate friendly. By Syamsani Shamsuri. 2 Mb


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FSX Boeing 777 Panel And VC Textures

FSX Boeing 777 Panel And VC Textures for the Project Open Sky B777. Updated from the original POSKY textures. 39 Mb


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FSX Panel For Airbus A321

FSX Panel For Airbus A321 v1. PFD with acceleration indicator, V1, Vrot, Vref, flap speeds, ILS course. MFD can show WPT, VORD, NDB, ARPT together. ECAM with system information and weights in kg or lbs. ECAM2 with check-list. Autobrake System, SFCC (Slats and Flaps Control Computer), Autoflare Computer and Altitude Callout. Callout_Sound.dll by Doug Dawson. Gauges by Stefan Liebe. 1,5 Mb


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FSX Bombardier CRJ-700 Cockpit Upgrade

FSX Bombardier CRJ-700 Cockpit Upgrade. Textures upgrades for the default CRJ700 virtual cockpit. Textures will display the VC in high detail while preserving PC performance. 9 Mb


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FSX Panel–Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

FSX Panel–Lockheed C-5 Galaxy and C-141 Starlifter. By Philippe Wallaert. 2 Mb


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FSX Boeing 747-400 Cockpit Textures

FSX Boeing 747-400 Cockpit Textures. Cockpit textures upgrade for the default B747-400. This package contains textures that will make the 747 cockpit textures appear in full resolution, even when running the graphics in low detail. 10 Mb


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FSX MD-80 Series Panel

FSX MD-80 Series Panel. McDonnell Douglas MD-81/82/83/88 panel. Photoreal, high quality. Not fot MD-87. By Alvaro Mijares. 6 Mb


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FSX Panel–McDonnell Douglas MD-90

FSX Panel–McDonnell Douglas MD-90. A highly detailed panel for the MD90. By Pasquale Rinaldi. 1,6 Mb


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FSX McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Panel

FSX McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Panel. By Philippe Wallaert. 2 Mb


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FSX Default CRJ-700 MFD Fix

FSX Default CRJ-700 MFD Fix. This revised will fix the following issues with the default FSX CRJ7 Multi Function Display: true airspeed reading will be accurate, the #2 bearing pointer on the HSI will now be able to tune the ADF (also fixed the button tooltip), and the broken ‘moving map’ displays and their tooltips will be removed (the “HSI” and “HSI expanded” views will be available only, similar to the default B747-400). By Matt Smith. 2 Mb


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