FSX – Mini Panel

FSX – Mini Panel. Intended to replace the global default minipanel. The panel is made up of good basic freeware flight instruments that can be used for any type of aircraft. This gives the pilot a common set of gauges to use on multiple aircraft. Additional navigation and control surfaces gauges are provided. Information is provided for wind direction, drift, ETA, ETE, direction, distance and name of the nearest airport; direction and distance to the next waypoint set in the GPS; and radar/absolute altitude. Lee Hetherington’s TCAS gauge is also available. Karol Chlebowski’s TFR gauge is included that allow flight at extremely low altitudes. Extensive tooltips have been provided on most gauges. By Bill McClellan.
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FSX – Airbus A321 And A320 Panel

FSX -  Airbus A321 And A320 Panel. PFD with speed trend, V1, VR, VFE, VF, VS green dot speed. Speeds based on Airbus charts. MFD can show WPT, VORD, NDB, ARPT together. ECAM with system information and weights in kg or lbs. ECAM2 with checklist. autobrake system, SFCC (Slats and Flaps Control Computer), autoflare computer and altitude callout. Callout_Sound.dll by Doug Dawson. Gauges by Stefan Liebe.
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FS2004/FSX – AUTOLAND GAUGE Version 2.1

FS2004/FSX – AUTOLAND GAUGE Version 2.1. Provides full hands-off autoland capability for all airliners. Simple installation. By Martyn Becker, adapted and amended from original XML programming by Nick Pike.
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FSX – Boeing 757 Panel

FSX – Boeing 757 Panel.  A highly detailed panel for the Boeing 757. By Pasquale Rinaldi.
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FS2004 – DeHavilland Canada DHC-3 Otter Panel

FS2004 – DeHavilland Canada DHC-3 Otter Panel. By Engjell Berisha, Angel Simulations.
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FS2004 – Moving GPS Map DA Cheyenne IIXL PA31T

FS2004 – Moving GPS Map DA Cheyenne IIXL PA31T. DA Cheyenne IIXL PA31T with moving GPS map, for the Cheyenne IIXL ifrvfr Panel – PA31T by Digital Aviation/Aerosoft. One version to add the FS2004 default GPS. One version to add the RXP GNS530 for FS2004 And the original FS2004 panel.cfg file as backup. By FSBrasil.

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FS2004 – Boeing 737 Photoreal Panel

FS2004 – Boeing 737 Photoreal Panel. A 737 Easyjet panel with photoreal panel pic and photoreal engine and cabin pics. By Si Randall.

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FSX – Boeing 737-800 Panel For Dual Monitors

FSX – Boeing 737-800 Panel For Dual Monitors. For use with computer operating systems and video cards that can horizontally span the display across two monitors. Includes captain and first officer panels which in most commercial airliners are not exact duplicates providing a more realistic flight sim experience. Includes panel and all gauges. By Alan M. Harvey.
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FS2004/FSX – Robin VC Panel

FS2004/FSX – Robin VC Panel. revised and updated VC panel for the Premier Aircraft Design Robin/Alpha Sport Airplane. Included are textures in 2048×2048 32 bit and 1024×1024 DXT3. Also included is a revised panel.cfg file that must replace the current one as many of the gauges were moved to accommodate the new layout. Note: if you download the Robin from PAD, these new textures have been incorporated into that download. By Ed Wells.
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FS2004 – TMII Sperry 177 Autopilot Panel Modification

FS2004 – TMII Sperry 177 Autopilot Panel Modification. FS2004 TMII Sperry 177 Autopilot Panel Modification. While the Tinmouse II panel is simply one of the best freeware 2D panels ever created, a number of pilots have expressed a desire for a replacement of the Sperry 77 (CWS) autopilot with the Sperry 177 (dials and digits) autopilot. This includes all of the required files and installation procedures to retrofit the Tinmouse II Boeing 737-200 panel with a Sperry 177 autopilot FCU. Note: The latest Tinmouse II Boeing 737-200 (v1.26 at the time this file was uploaded) is required (TINMOUSE_II_V1_25.ZIP with TINMOUSE_II_V1_26.ZIP). By Mark McCoy.
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