FSX – Camera Positions For Default Jets

FSX – Camera Positions For Default Jets. Modified version of the default camera positions for the default jets, including the Airbus A321, Boeing 737, 747, CRJ700 and the Learjet 45. The wing view is improved and there is a centra camera using the right seat view. By Jamie Steer.

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FSX – New Glass Cockpit Textures

FSX – New Glass Cockpit Textures. Replacement textures for the glass cockpits in three default prop aircraft, Cessna 172, Beechcraft Baron 58 and Mooney Bravo. By Jamie Steer.

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FS2004 – Panel For TinMouse II Boeing 737-200

FS2004 – Panel For TinMouse II Boeing 737-200. This self-installer package includes a B737-200 ADV photoreal panel with the Sperry-177 Autopilot module and several other features like GPWS, movable yoke, ground handling, crew advisor module (in Spanish), captain’s approach view, manual, and the updated TinMouse II aircraft (pax and cargo only) with the new Icaro and Icaro Cargo liveries. This work was made with the help of the Icaro people and their president Mr. Esteban Saltos, the help of Mr. Cristian Gordillo and the support of Mr. Nicolas Larenas and all my good friends at Tame Virtual. By Rodolfo Estrella C.

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FSX – Default Bell 206B Grey Panel

FSX – Default Bell 206B Grey Panel. A grey virtual cockpit panel for the default Bell 206 helicopter. Panel textures by Alex James.

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FSX – Cessna Caravan Panel Modification

FSX – Cessna Caravan Panel Modification. This panel is a modification of the default FSX Cessna Caravan panel. The background was shifted to the left and extends to the right. Especially the landing background allows a much better sight now. The original design was largely preserved and only one gauge was modified. By Erik Treybig.

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FSX – 747APC Gauge

FSX – 747APC Gaugefor the default FSX Boeing 747-400 aircraft. It manipulates the autopilot and automates aircraft operations such as landing gear and flaps, etc. to allow for a fully automated flight to any airport. Simply enter the destination airport into the GPS, select the landing runway, apply VNAV and RWY (LNAV), and the plane will fly to the airport and land on the selected runway. By Hoa Nguyen.

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FS2004 – MD-80 Panel Upgrade For realCRT

FS2004 – MD-80 Panel Upgrade For realCRT. A McDonnell Douglas MD80 series panel upgrade for realCRT gauges. A complete panel rework of Bill Alexander’s panel made primarily for registered users of Tony D’Ambrosio’s Top Avionics realCRT gauges and the ND navigation database. This latest update provides additional files which were missing in some users’ FS2004 Gauges and Sound folders and deletes some gauges which were thought to be causing sound issues to some users. The previous panel is not required as all files are again included in this update. Tested with the SGA MD-8x sim, but may also work with different DC-9/MD-8x/9x aircraft sim models. By George Colacicco.

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FS2004 – Inertial Navigation System

FS2004 – Inertial Navigation Systemv2. Updated and improved accuracy. Easy to use. Stores up to 99 waypoints. Waypoints are saved to a data file. Flight plans can be entered automatically. Follows flight plans faithfully on autopilot. Displays position, heading, speed and times. Full instructions. By Julian Avisenis.
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FS2004 – Glass Cockpit Mini Panel


FS2004 – Glass Cockpit Mini Panel v2.0. The glass cockpit mini panel has been updated with many new pop-up windows to help improve visibility on the mini panel screen and add more functionality. This is an entirely new panel so you do not need the previous version. A pop-up analog cockpit panel has been added to this version. By Bill McClellan.
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FSX – Emirates VC For The Project Airbus

FSX – Emirates VC For The Project Airbus . Very accurate virtual cockpit for the A380 from Project Airbus. By Erick Howard.
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