FSX – Default Cessna C208B Added Views

FSX Default Cessna C208B Added Views. Original views reworked and additionnal views (defined by camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file) for the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan by Microsoft. Eight cameras pointing at the aircraft and one additional view inside the aircraft. Also included is a text file that contains the new camera definitions. By Marc Renaud.

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FS2004/FSX – Beech AT-11 Optional VC

FS2004/FSX – Beech AT-11 Optional VC. This is an optional VC for the civilian vertion of the Beechcraft AT11 by Milton Shupe (AT11PKG2.ZIP). This VC is just an idea how it could be. The package includes VC only with two additional panels – GPS and mini-panel for an outside view flight. By Vladimir Gonchar.

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FSX – Douglas DC-3 Widescreen 2D Panel

FSX – Douglas DC-3 Widescreen 2D Panel. Original DC3 2D panel extended for use with wide screen monitors. With three options of finish: original (worn), clean and black with respective night lighting modes. Includes panel pack for use of widescreen with Just Flight DC3/C47. Originally developed for 2048 x 1152, but should work as well with similar screen ratios. For those of you who don’t feel at ease with oval gages. By Luiz Alvarenga.

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FS2004 – Fokker 100 Real Panel Cockpit

FS2004 – Fokker 100 Real Panel Cockpit. This panel has an engine panel, F100 CDU / FMC panel, GPS, overhead, door opener and the main panel, with sign and no smoking sound and more features. By Christian Dib Sarah.

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FSX – VC Lights For Default Airbus A321

FSX – VC Lights For Default Airbus A321
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FSX – VC Lights For Default Beoing 737-800

FSX – VC Lights For Default Beoing 737-800
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FS2004/FSX – Digital Mini Panels

FS2004/FSX – Digital Mini Panels. Are you tired of all those mini panels that just give you half a dozen “steam” gauges across the bottom of your screen? Try these full digital panels. These all-inclusive gauges give you over 60 matching digital displays plus two VORs, autopilot, switches for lights, brakes, autostart, gear and more. Separate gauges for recip, jet and turbo aircraft with up to four engines, with a choice of F or C degrees for engine parameters. Full documentation for installation and use is included. By Darrel Woodhouse.

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FSX – Camera Positions For Default Jets

FSX – Camera Positions For Default Jets. Modified version of the default camera positions for the default jets, including the Airbus A321, Boeing 737, 747, CRJ700 and the Learjet 45. The wing view is improved and there is a centra camera using the right seat view. By Jamie Steer.

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FSX – New Glass Cockpit Textures

FSX – New Glass Cockpit Textures. Replacement textures for the glass cockpits in three default prop aircraft, Cessna 172, Beechcraft Baron 58 and Mooney Bravo. By Jamie Steer.

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FS2004 – Panel For TinMouse II Boeing 737-200

FS2004 – Panel For TinMouse II Boeing 737-200. This self-installer package includes a B737-200 ADV photoreal panel with the Sperry-177 Autopilot module and several other features like GPWS, movable yoke, ground handling, crew advisor module (in Spanish), captain’s approach view, manual, and the updated TinMouse II aircraft (pax and cargo only) with the new Icaro and Icaro Cargo liveries. This work was made with the help of the Icaro people and their president Mr. Esteban Saltos, the help of Mr. Cristian Gordillo and the support of Mr. Nicolas Larenas and all my good friends at Tame Virtual. By Rodolfo Estrella C.

137 MB


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