FSX – Update For Convair B-58


FSX –  Update For Convair B-58, This is a VC update of my earliar FSX update. Both the VC and the 2D panel are now nearly authentic with the real Hustler panel and also match eah other completely.

Complete package.
New VC configuration by Michael Pook

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FSX/P3D – Bacubirito Airport


FSX/P3D – Bacubirito Airport, Icao MM12, Mexico.

Complete scenery package.

By Fernando Angel Gonzalez

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FSX/P3D – MM79 El Fuerte


FSX/P3D – MM79 El Fuerte, Mexico. Photo-terrain area improved with autogen files.

Complete package.

By Fernando Angel Gonzalez

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FSX/P3D – MM45 Alamos-Son


FSX/P3D – MM45 Alamos-Son, Mexico.

Complete scenery package.

By Fernando Angel Gonzalez

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FSX/FS2004 Airbus A330-200 American Airlines


FSX/FS2004 Airbus A330-200 American Airlines registration N290A. Model by Project Open Sky.

Complete package.

By Mathieu Vos

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FSX/FS2004 – WWI Battleship sms KÖNIG


FSX/FS2004 – WWI Battleship sms KÖNIG . This was at this time a modern “Dreadnought”-styled 175 meter warship of the german imperators navy with five 30 cm twin turrets, fourteen 15 cm casematt turrets and ten 10 cm guns. All main turrets of my FS-model are animated in azimuth and elevation. Twenntyfour cameras let you explore the beautyful ship and the virtual decks including three navigation and command bridges. Ship and weapon effects are included.

Complete package.

FSDS 3.5 model made by Erwin Welker

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FSX/P3D – Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways


FSX/P3D – Airbus A350-900 Qatar Airways. This is probably the best A350-900 you’ve ever seen! I changed almost the whole A350 from CamSim A350-900 COMPLETELY. NEW realistic aerodynamics & flight control. REALISTIC fuel consumption, REALISTIC speed with full flaps, takeoff and on service ceiling. Tons of bugs fixed. No more nose bobbing on cruise altitude. The only thing what’s still the same is the model based on CamSim. Texture Qatar modded by me with full support of reflections.

Complete Pachage.

Repaint and improvments by By Michael Scott

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FS2004 – MBAI North American XB-70 Valkyrie


FS2004 – MBAI North American XB-70 Valkyrie. The North American Aviation XB-70 Valkyrie was the prototype of the B-70 nuclear-armed, deep-penetration strategic bomber for the U.S. Air Force’s Strategic Air Command. North American Aviation designed the Valkyrie as a large, six-engine aircraft capable of reaching Mach 3+ while flying at 70,000 feet, these speed and altitude capabilities would allow the evasion of interceptor aircraft, the only effective weapon against bomber aircraft at the time.Two prototype aircraft were built,and these aircraft were used for supersonic test-flights during 1964–69. In 1966, one prototype crashed after colliding in midair with a smaller jet aircraft, the remaining Valkyrie bomber is in the National Museum of the United States Air Force.

By Menno van den Boogaard

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FS2004 Conakry International Airport

Conakry 1

FS2004 Conakry International Airport, Forgotten Airport Project. FS2004 is the most complete simulator in terms of files available. You will find landclass, mesh and airport sceneries for all parts of the world. However there are a few white spots left that have been overlooked by addon developers. Besides Tuvalu in the Pacific and East Timor in South-East Asia there are 16 African countries without any airport scenery. This project will close the gap. What you get with this scenery: – A rendition of airport including the civil and military apron. The airport is served by Air France, Brussels Airlines and Emirats. – Parking spaces that allow medium and heavy jets to use the airport. – The harbour of Conakry as well as some ships on the Atlantic Ocean. – Scenery removes the faulty hill near the harbour.

Complete Package.

By Bastian Blinten

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FSX/P3D – Boeing 737/777 Style Glass Instruments


FSX/P3D – Boeing 737/777 Style Glass Instruments. A 737 style EICAS for the default FSX 737 and 777 style PFD, Nav, and EICAS glass instruments. New – support for the GoFlight Radios. Use your OpenCockpits EFIS with the CrgSim Nav Display on most default FSX aircraft. A sample SIOC file is included as a guide to modify your existing SIOC to work directly with the Nav Display. New EICAS for 172 and Baron 58 showing cylinder head and piston EGT if you like flying low and slow. Use these glass instruments with any of the FSX default turbine aircraft (PFD works fine with the default ultralight). The instrument displays require DirectX10 and Vista, Win7, or Win8. The instruments are designed to run on a second FSX screen or on separate computers connected to a local net. This is CrgSim release 0.060.

By Kapock Cavanaugh

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