FSX/P3D – Antonio Nery Juarbe Pol Airport

FSX/P3D – Antonio Nery Juarbe Pol Airport (IATA: ARE, ICAO: TJAB, FAA LID: ABO) is a public use airport located three nautical miles (6 km) of the central business district of Arecibo, Puerto Rico. It is owned by the Puerto Rico Ports Authority.This airport is included in the National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems for 2011–2015, which categorized it as a general aviation airport. Although most U.S. airports use the same three-letter location identifier for the FAA and IATA, Antonio (Nery) Juarbe Pol Airport is assigned ABO by the FAA and ARE by the IATA (which assigned ABO to Aboisso Airport in Aboisso, Côte d’Ivoire). The airport’s ICAO identifier is TJAB. ABO is a TOP destination for skydiving, and several schools are shown on this scenery. ABO was developed primarily for P3D v3.3 use, but a version for FSX was also developed (installer option). The airport day and night textures were made from real pictures taken by photorico contributors in Arecibo, so the user will expirience some of the most realistic texture work done on an terminal for FS. Ground textures feature bumps and cracks as encountered on real apron, runway and taxiways. All lighting is custom made with an attached 3D model and effect. No SCASM lighst were used.

BY Photorico Team

256.5 MB


FSX – Zellhausen X

FSX – Zellhausen X. This scenery is a rebuild of my Zellhausen scenery for FS2004. Please read the installation instructions carefully. The scenery was done using 3rd party objects which need to be installed seperately. Most of them are included with the kind permission of the respective authors. However the biggest one still needs to be downloaded from It’s quite a massive download so sorry for the inconvenience but it will provide you with a great amount of objects that might be used by other sceneries as well. Zellhausen is a glider airfield 35 km south-west of Frankfurt, Germany. An addition to the club’s gliders there is a Jodel and some microlights in operation. The airfield features the latest layout including the hangar which was added a few years ago.

By Bastian Blinten

100.5 MB


FSX/P3D – Beechcraft D18S Amphibian

FSX/P3D – Beechcraft D18S Amphibian. Package includes 2 models (Cargo and Passenger), custom panels and era gauges, custom sounds, custom Flight Model, and 4 liveries. Bump and Spec Map place holder textures are in place. Compatible with all the original repaints. This package is an FSX Native conversion of my original D18S Amphibian project. Tested in FSXA and P3D to v4.

by Milton Shupe, Gauges by Scott Thomas, Textures by André Folkers, Urs Burkhardt, Damian Radice, Manfred [Mani] D.Saliger, Sounds by Nigel Richards, pontoons modeled by Bill Ortis, Water Effect and start gauge fix by Roman Stoviak

75.5 MB


FS2004 – EBCI Brussels Airport South Charleroi

FS2004 – EBCI Brussels Airport South Charleroi. ALL objects are on real lat/lon position. This scenery was built with charts and from the official maps for the runway and taxiways with GoogleMaps as a background image as support. The different taxisigns were positioned without any documentation or references.

By Libon Serge

45.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Airbus A321 Lufthansa

FSX/FS2004 – Airbus A321 Lufthansa  D-AISP ‘SATU’ ‘ANT3’. Repaint for the Project Airbus A321 model. Full package.

By Phillip Hughes

11.5 MB


FS2004 – Denver Stapleton International Airport , Circa 1994

FS2004 – Denver Stapleton International Airport , Circa 1994.  This scenery depicts Denver Stapleton International Airport around 1994…United Airlines is the major carrier as Continental Airlines has mover most of its operations to a new hub. other airlines operating are Frontier, American Airlines, TWA, Delta, Northwest, US Air, America West, Midwest Express, America West & Sun Country. This scenery has been developed using the original terminal from Jon Peterson´s FS2k Scenery, Flatten, AFCAD and exclusions have been added to make it compatible with FS2004. I have included buildings on outside areas, perimeter fence, parking lots, generig ramp vehicles, general aviation areas and cargo parking area using a wide variety of library objects, mostly generic to help on FPS and compatibility, please be aware that certain details may not be 100% accurate. The new Denver international airport has also been removed, please see instructions below for aerial potograph removal.

By Juan Antonio Martinez Castro

11.5 MB


FSX/P3D – Convair B-58 Hustler Updated

FSX/P3D – Convair B-58 Hustler Updated. The Convair B-58 Hustler was the first operational jet bomber capable of Mach 2 flight. The aircraft was developed for the United States Air Force for service in the Strategic Air Command (SAC) during the 1960s. It used a delta wing, which was also employed by Convair fighters such as the F-102, with four General Electric J79 engines in underwing pods. It carried five nuclear weapons; four on pylons under the wings, and one nuclear weapon and fuel in a combination bomb/fuel pod under the fuselage, rather than in an internal bomb bay. Replacing the Boeing B-47 Stratojet medium bomber, it was originally intended to fly at high altitudes and supersonic speeds to avoid Soviet fighters. The B-58 was notorious for its sonic boom, which was often heard by the public as it passed overhead in supersonic flight.
The package is an FSX/P3d (V.3) update of my previous update, now including the original livery and two new Camo repaints. VC and 2D panel are now equipped with new (more authentic) gauges with GPS, radios and radar in the popup windows. Automatic smoke and afterburner added.  Thanks to Massimo Altieri for the original FS2004 model and to Philippe Wallaert for some of the gauges as well as to the unknown designers of the other gauges used with this update. Also thanks to Erwin Welker for the 2D panel design.

Panel updates, smoke and afterburner configuration as well as new Camo repaints by Michael Pook

11 MB


FSX/P3D – Aboyne X6AB Scotland Scenery

FSX/P3D – Aboyne X6AB Scotland Scenery.  Aboyne is a small airfield located near Scottish town of the same name, and 25 miles west of Aberdeen. Aboyne is a home for Deeside Gliding Club. Four tiny runways and surrounding hills makes a scenic and interesting approaches. Features: Seasonal photo background compatible with ORBX Global EU- Accurate layout and arking according to the latest satellite images – Fictional NDB beacon (ABOY 358.00) was added for convenience – Enhanced landclass.

By Dmitriy Kozyrev

9.5 MB


FSX – CYQX Gander International Airport

FSX – CYQX Gander International Airport, Newfoundland, Completely redone. All aprons/taxiways redrawn; runway R9-27 removed; custom terminal and apron markings based on the real thing.

bY  Sidney Schwartz

7 MB


FSX – Beechcraft AT-11

FSX – Beechcraft AT-11. Four models and ten textures included. Damian’s Paint kit is available at SOH and Flightsim. Also look for Larry Green’s Scenery for the Hobbs Army Airforce (HAAF) B-17 Bomber Training Base featuring AI flights, static models, and AT-11’s used for new pilots, navigators, gunners, and bomber training. Models by Milton Shupe, panel and gauges by Scott Thomas, textures by the late Damian Radice, and Sounds by Nigel Richards.

174 MB


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