FSX – Concorde Sounds Package

FSX – Concorde Sounds Package. A realistic sound pack for the Olympus 593 engine. You can hear the afterburners blasting from the behind Concorde. Interior sounds have been carefully recorded and old videos have been used for realism. The Olympus engines are two spool engines, 38,050 lbs of thrust was delivered to push the Concorde to mach 2.

By Kelvin Keeble

63.5 MB


FSX/P3D – Piper J3 Cub Real World Sounds

FSX/P3D – Piper J3 Cub Real World Sounds. Includes all the bells and whistles.

By Skysong Soundworks

27 MB


FSX – San Diego Tour Mission

FSX – San Diego Tour Mission. Very simple mission. Beginner level. Take off from KSAN (San Diego). Fly a visitor to the MLB stadium. Fly visitor to the Resort Head back and land at KSAN. Taxi to Point of Interest.

By Joseph Guccione

1.5 MB


FSX – Key West Hurricane Mission Relief

FSX – Key West Hurricane Mission Relief. Fly to the waypoint and drop some supplies. Beginner Mission and very easy. Start take off. Once you take off your first way point will be shown. Fly there drop your supplies (shift d). Return and land.

By Joseph Guccione

500 Kb


FlightGear – Flight Simulator Free Open-Source

Founded in 1997, FlightGear is developed by a worldwide group of volunteers, brought together by a shared ambition to create the most realistic flight simulator possible that is free to use, modify and distribute. FlightGear is used all over the world by desktop flight simulator enthusiasts, for research in universities and for interactive exhibits in museums.


Simutrans – Free Transportation Simulator Game

Simutrans – Free Transportation Simulator Game. Simutrans is a cross-platform simulation game where players try to successfully manage transportation systems between places by land, air, and water for passengers, mail, and goods. Planes, ships, trains, trams, trucks, buses, or monorails are at your disposal, but factories operate based on contracts and passengers can only travel to their set destinations. (more…)

FSX/P3D – McCoy Water Landing Effect v4

FSX/P3D – McCoy Water Landing Effect v4. These effects are individually assigned to a specific aircraft or boat overriding both FSX & P3D’s default wake. Five effects of various sizes are included. Visually v4 looks a lot like v3.2 but some improvements have been made such as a compatibility fix of surface decals and airborne particles when subjected to wind, re-direction and velocity adjustments of the splash effect, a greatly simplified installation for P3D v4 and the first update for FSX since v2.0. A short video is included to demonstrate each size. Although intended for aircraft these effects can be used on boats 38 feet or smaller. Sound file included.

By Vince McCoy

104 MB


FSX – Green/White Rotating Airport Beacon Upgrade

FSX – Green/White Rotating Airport Beacon Upgrade. After noticing that the default Microsoft green/white rotating airport beacon included with FSX looks rather bad, and considering it’s mounted prominently at several of my major airports, I decided to go ahead and modify it for a much more realistic look.

By Casey Brasel

500 Kb


FSX – Current U.S. Domestic Airlines Splash Screens

FSX – Current U.S. Domestic Airlines Splash Screens. United, American, Spirit, Southwest, jetBlue, Delta and Alaska liveries splashscreens

By Jose E. Rivera

6.5 MB


FSX – AFCAD McCarran International Airport KLAS Uptaded

FSX – AFCAD McCarran International Airport KLAS Uptaded. AFCAD for updated FSX KLAS2 from FSDreamteam. The taxiways and runways are now aligned with scenery, added ILS to all runways, added vehicle paths for GSX, and a few other odds & ends.

By Gene Rouner

200 Kb


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