FSX – George Bush Intercontinental Airport – Houston AFCAD

FSX – George Bush Intercontinental Airport – Houston AFCAD ,TX  KIAH. AFCAD file   Gate and Parking.

All files created by: Joesph Rocco /J.D. Starseed

1 MB


FSX – Maryadi’s V-22B Navigation Strobe Effects

FSX – Maryadi’s V-22B Navigation Strobe Effects. This mod intalls red, green and white Navigation lights that strobe with the strobe switch in the cockpit. The mod also installs a solid white Nav light in the back of the osprey when Nav lights are on. The real V-22 begins to strobe its Nav lights automatically from the computer of the aircraft. Although I’m not exactly sure what the reason is for its flashing, it seems it begins to flash when the engines are shutdown or before starting up.

By Josh S “Heater”

5.5 MB


FSX – “Save the Ring” Mission

FSX – “Save the Ring” Mission. This adventure starts in Hamburg (Germany) and will bring you to several places in the north of germany (and Europe). Your will fly together with a german Co-Pilot and a british special agent. Your Co-Pilot knows the terrain of north germany and he informs you step by step about the points of interest of the mission. You have to find and save the ring.

By Rudi Rook

69.5 MB


FSX – Bombardier Dash 8-100 And -200 Sound Set

FSX – Bombardier Dash 8-100 And -200 Sound Set. This sound set is designed specifically for the Dreamwings Dash 8 and most likely will NOT sound as intended in any other aircraft. Unlike most turboprop sound sets, including the default ones, this sound package features propeller sounds that play according to prop RPM, rather than turbine RPM. This provides a much more realistic turboprop sound experience. For example, during final approach, when the props are set to max RPM but the engine power is set lower, you will hear the high prop RPM. As another example, while desceding at, say, flight idle, the constant speed propellers continue to turn at their set speed (e.g. 900 RPM), and you will hear the propellers at this speed even though the power levers are at flight idle. In most turboprop sound sets, you would instead hear a sound that corresponds to idle prop RPM. This sound set does not use pre-recorded startup sounds. Instead, the propeller sounds are programmed to play even at very low RPM. As the engine starts and prop RPM increases in the sim, the sounds will change. Then, as the propellers are unfeathered, the sound will change again. In addition to the propeller sounds, a quiet turbine whine is also included.

By Steve Rojcewicz

20 MB


FSX – AFCAD For MCAS Iwakuni

FSX – AFCAD For MCAS Iwakuni. This is not meant to be for the hardcore military simming types, as there are only a small number of parking spaces available. MCAS Iwakuni is used by a few contract airlines, to include OAI, National, and Atlas. Fedex and Delta will also make stops, albeit this is very rare. All Nippon flies in and out of Iwakuni several times per day, usually with an A320. The AFCAD includes the updated land extension, as well as the new runway. The tower view has been moved to the public access road, which is popular with local airport spotters. The physical tower has been updated to a newer, taller model, and the ANA terminal has been added. Cargo ramps have been added near the base terminal. Some of the maintenance hangars have been updated, to include the living spaces on North Side. The ILS frequency is updated, and moved to the new location to reflect the update. Autoland functionality has been tested with the PMDG NGX, and FSLabs A320. They both performed flawlessly.

By Neal White

4.5 MB


FSX Utility – Addit! Pro V7.5.6

FSX Utility –  Addit! Pro V7.5.6. Addit! Pro is a comprehensive addon manager for Flight Simulator X. Easily install, manage and remove aircraft, adventures, flights, flight plans, gauges, missions, panels, A.I. airport and facilities data, scenery, sounds, textures, videos, weather and more! Archive add-ons to Addit! Pro’s File Cabinet or recreate them in zip files. Modify your aircraft, panels and sounds. Automatically update FS’s Scenery Library. Includes FS Configuration Manager, complete scenery library editor, ZIP/RAR support and much more! See Readme.htm for details. Requires Flight Simulator X: Standard, Deluxe, Gold or Steam Edition.

By Joseph Stearns

21 MB


FSX/P3D – FS Flight Builder Update

FSX/P3D – FS Flight Builder Update. Current users, please download and re-install A flight making application for FSX and Prepar3D. Now supports FSX, FSX Steam Edition, and Prepar3D. Airport weather and charts have also been added. Flight routes can be imported from the SkyVector Plain Text Link or added manually. Automatically adds a briefing file to the aircraft kneeboard.

By Tom Arduini

8 MB


FSX/FS2004 – British Airways Summer 2017 Traffic

FSX/FS2004 – British Airways Summer 2017 Traffic.

3 MB


FS2004 – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility

FS2004 – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility. Informations: In this utility, designed for Flight Simulator 2004 but probably usable for FSX and other simulators, there are included several documents for aircraft References (main content) + Control procedures (second content) to be used within the electronic kneeboard of simulator. Addressed to those wish to change Reference/Checklist existing or missed ones (i/e from aircraft downloaded).

By Aldo Della Vedova

90 MB


FSX – Creating GMAX FSX Gamepacks Models In Win 10 Tutorial

FSX – Creating GMAX FSX Gamepacks Models In Win 10 Tutorial. There are problems when creating native FSX models with GMAX FSX Gamepacks in Win 10. How to navigate in your explorer and how to use material editor. This is a hint to make things work.

By A.F.Scrub

1 MB


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